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Hillary Clinton on US leading in coronavirus cases: Trump did promise "America First"
Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton jabbed US President Trump, following the news that the United States now leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases amid the pandemic.
US surpasses China in coronavirus cases
Compiled from Dispatches The US has more confirmed cases of the coronavirus than any country in the world, surpassing China, where the pandemic began.
US imposes new sanctions on Iranian and Iraqi individuals, companies
The US has imposed new sanctions against 20 companies, officials and individuals in Iran and Iraq, despite growing global pressure on the Washington to lift sanctions on Tehran amid the coronavirus spread.
Coronavirus prompts a run on guns in US
Gun sales have exploded in the United States in the last two weeks as the coronavirus outbreak worsens, with people stocking up on weapons and ammunition out of fear the pandemic might lead to social unrest.
US imposes fresh sanctions on Iran despite int’l outcry, coronavirus outbreak
The US has announced a new round of sanctions against Iran despite international pressures on Washington to lift the embargoes in the wake of the new coronavirus spread in the country.

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