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Hostile anti-Iran US policy serving Israel lobby: Analyst
An American writer and former professor has warned against a broad bipartisan hatred towards Iran in Washington, citing its roots in the Israel lobby.
Pelosi to Trump: 'You are impeached forever' regardless of outcome of Senate trial
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has said that Republican President Donald Trump is “impeached forever” regardless of the outcome of the Senate impeachment trial.
Pakistani FM says Iran aims to de-escalate tensions
Pakistan's foreign minister, who has shuttled between Washington and Tehran in the course of a week, voiced confidence Friday that Iran was seeking to lower tensions.
US House renews push for Pompeo Iran testimony, subpoena threat
A US House of Representatives committee renewed a threat to subpoena Secretary of State Mike Pompeo if he does not provide information about Iran policy and President Donald Trump’s ordering of the strike that assassinated an Iranian military commander.
Taliban aim to pen deal with US by Jan. 31: Report
The Taliban are geared up to reach a withdrawal agreement with the United States by the end of January and are prepared to "scale down" military operations ahead of signing the deal, according to their chief spokesman.
90% of black Americans disapprove of Trump's job performance: Poll
More than eighty percent black Americans believe US President Donald Trump is a racist and say the racism has increased under his presidency, according to a new Washington Post–Ipsos poll.
US warship sails Taiwan Strait after new China trade pact, Taiwan election
The US Navy has declared transit of another one of its warships through the Taiwan Strait, even after a new US-China trade pact and the re-election of Taiwan’s anti-China president, in a move likely to irk Beijing.
EU warns of WTO challenge if US-China deal harms businesses
The European Union (EU) has warned that if a trade agreement recently signed by the United States and China creates “distortions” in the market, it will challenge the deal at the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Riyadh pays $500 million to cover cost of US troops’ presence in Saudi Arabia: Report
Saudi Arabia has reportedly paid $500 million to begin to cover the cost of US military operating in the Arab country, a US official says.
Eleven US troops hurt in Iraq last week during Iran’s retaliatory strike
At least 11 US forces were injured in Iran’s retaliatory missile strike last week on an Iraqi base housing American troops, the US Central Command said Thursday, although Washington had previously maintained there were no casualties.
EU warns of WTO challenge if China-US deal creates 'distortions'
The European Union will challenge the China-US trade agreement at the World Trade Organization if it creates ‘distortions’ in the market that harm EU companies, the bloc's envoy to Beijing said Friday.
‘American exceptionalism’ fades for now as US growth weakens
America’s days as pace-setter for the world economy may be coming to an end. With the International Monetary Fund releasing new forecasts, a rising number of economists are predicting that the US’s momentum will fall behind that of the rest of the world as global growth bottoms out and looks set to slowly pick up in 2020.
Taliban offer temporary ceasefire to US in Afghanistan
The Taliban have offered a brief ceasefire to the United States, a move which could lead to the resumption of talks between the two sides and withdrawal of thousands of American troops from Afghanistan.
US submitted to resolve, power of Iran: Defense Min.
Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami says following Tehran’s firm missile response to the assassination of its top general by terrorist US forces in Iraq, the US had no choice but to finally give in to the resolve and power of the Islamic Republic.

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