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Leaked classified 'UFO footage' real, US Navy confirms
Three videos purporting to be leaked military footage of UFOs are genuine, the US Navy revealed.
US Navy refused to keep USS John S. McCain out of Trump's sight
The US Navy has confirmed it had received a request to keep a US warship bearing the name of former political rival John McCain out of President Donald Trump's sight during his visit to Japan last week, but refused to do so.
Multiple pilots have reported encounters with UFOs, US Navy says
A growing number of US Navy pilots claiming to have spotted unidentified flying objects, or UFOS, has led the navy to update its protocol for reporting them, according to a New York Times report.
‘Two US Navy warships sail through Taiwan Strait’
The US military says it has sent two Navy ships through the strategic Taiwan Strait, in yet another move certain to irritate Beijing, which claims sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan.
US Navy plans to boost nuclear submarine spending to $5 billion by 2024
The US Navy plans to increase its yearly spending its next-generation nuclear missile submarine program by $5 billion by 2024, the Pentagon has said in a report sent to Congress.
Trump blunder reveals identity of US Navy SEALs in Iraq
US President Donald Trump has come under fire for accidentally revealing the identity of US Navy SEALs during his surprise trip to Iraq.
Two US Navy ships pass through Taiwan Strait, defying China
Two US Navy warships have passed through the Taiwan Strait in the third such operation this year, as the US military increases the frequency of transits through the strategic waterway despite opposition from China.
US Navy ends search for 3 missing sailors in the Philippine Sea
The US Navy has ended the search and rescue mission to find three sailors who went missing after their aircraft crashed into the Philippine Sea a couple of days ago, presuming they are dead.
(video) Ten sailors missing after US destroyer collision off Singapore
Ten US sailors were missing and five injured after their destroyer collided with a tanker near Singapore Monday, tearing a large hole in its hull in the second accident involving an American warship in two months.
US Navy to challenge China in South China Sea: Commander
The US Navy will restart so-called Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPs) in the South China Sea to challenge claims by China to exclusive access in the sea, a top American commander says.
US Navy orders 214 Tomahawk cruise missiles worth $303 million
The US Navy has put in a $303 million order for 214 Tomahawk cruise missiles and spares, a major contract that is likely to draw more fire over the force’s extravagant policies over the past years.
Chinese warship captures US Navy underwater drone
A Chinese warship has captured US Navy underwater drone collecting information in the South China Sea, according to the Pentagon.
Personal data of over130,000 US sailors breached, US Navy says
The Unites States Navy says personal data of 130,000 of its sailors have been stolen.
US Navy sacks commander for watching porn at work
A US Navy commander has been fired after using his government computer to access pornography.
US Navy probes filming of female officers
A Navy sailor is under investigation over the alleged filming of some female officers inside their bathroom aboard the USS John Stennis

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