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US sanctions aimed at collective punishment of Iranians: Envoy
Washington pullout from Iran deal runs counter to JCPOA goals: UN official
The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations lambasted US sanctions against ordinary people as well as different sectors of the Iranian economy, including oil and banking, saying such restrictive measures were negatively affecting the daily lives of the general public.
World bodies must break silence on US sanctions: Minister
International organizations need to speak out about Washington's economic sanctions that target Iran's food and medicine on top of the economy, an Iranian minister has said, warning of the adverse consequences of the embargoes.
US sanctions on Iran killing children with EB: NGO
Iranian children suffering from a rare skin condition known as EB are losing their lives as US economic sanctions hamper the flow of vital medical products, an NGO said.
Iran: US sanctions impede human rights improvement
Iran’s envoy to the UN Human Rights Council condemned the US sanctions as a breach of the UN Charter and a major challenge to the Islamic Republic’s efforts to improve the human rights situation in the country.
UN urged to condemn US sanctions on Iranian space agencies
Iran submitted a note of protest to the United Nations space agency, demanding the body to condemn US sanctions targeting three Iranian space institutions.
Science under maximum pressure in Iran
“Global science missing a piece if Iranians don’t participate”
By David Adam *
Iran oil product exports booming despite US sanctions
While US sanctions on Iran's oil industry have slashed the OPEC member's crude exports, oil product sales from the Islamic Republic remain strong at nearly $500 million a month, shipping data and Reuters calculations show.
Rouhani urges national unity amid US sanctions
President Hassan Rouhani hailed national unity as key to withstanding hardships amid US-imposed sanctions on Iran.
US sanctions against Iran’s health sector crime against humanity: Minister
Iran's Minister of Health Saeid Namaki said sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran's health sector amount to crime against humanity.
Turkey says would retaliate against US sanctions over Russian S-400s
Turkey will “take reciprocal steps” if the United States imposes sanctions over its purchase of Russian S-400 defenses, the Turkish foreign minister said on Friday, marking the latest step toward a standoff between the NATO allies.
Russia, China support Iran, slam unilateral US sanctions
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping expressed support for Iran and commended its implementation of the requirements of the 2015 nuclear deal.
China defends trade ties with Tehran after US sanctioned Iran’s metal industry
China has once again defended its trade ties with Iran, expressing opposition to the new set of unilateral US sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic’s metal, mining and oil sectors.

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