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Merkel drops hint of a 'creative' Brexit compromise
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday offered a way to break the deadlock over the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, calling for a creative compromise to allay concerns over the future of Irish border arrangements.
Britain always thinks of constraining Russia: Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused United Kingdom of involvement in a broad campaign of Russophobia, saying London is always thinking of plots to undermine Moscow’s growing clout at the international stage.
4 in 10 Brits despise migration impacts: Poll
A new study carried out in the United Kingdom shows that almost half of Britons have a general dislike for migrants and their impact on the culture.
Eurosceptic Tories fail to agree on alternative Brexit plan: report
Eurosceptic members of the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party have failed to agree on an alternative plan for Brexit that could replace that of Prime Minister Theresa May, media reports suggest.
British police plagued by high levels of sexual harassment: Study
A new study has shown that police staff in the United Kingdom have been subject to widespread cases of sexual harassment by colleagues.
Britain reports dramatic surge in opioid deaths
Health authorities in the United Kingdom have reported a dramatic surge in the number of deaths caused by opioids across the country.
Airbus threatens to leave UK if Brexit happens without deal
Aviation giant Airbus has threatened that it could leave the United Kingdom if the country exits the European Union (EU) without a transition agreement.
Russia calls new British carrier ‘convenient target’
The Russian Defense Ministry has derided the United Kingdom’s brand new aircraft carrier as a “convenient target” for the Russian military, hitting back at Britain’s disparaging comments about Russia’s aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov.
Sexual abuse 'at epidemic levels' in UK universities: Report
Sexual assault, harassment and gender violence by university staff are at “epidemic levels” in Britain, a new report suggests, the latest in a string of institutional sex abuse accusations in the United Kingdom.
Say ‘no’ to war and media propaganda
While the United States, United Kingdom and NATO are pushing for war with Russia, it behoves people and their governments around the world to take a clear stand for peace and against violence and war, no matter where it comes from. We are at a dangerous point in our history of the human family and it would be the greatest of tragedies for ourselves and our children if we simply allowed the war profiteers to take us into a third world war, resulting in the death of untold millions of people.

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