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Do not provoke the United States: Britain warns Iran
The British government, which has on several occasions endorsed Washington’s anti-Iran rhetoric amid heightened tensions between the two countries, has taken sides in the conflict and blatantly threatened the Islamic Republic that in case US interests were attacked in the region, those attacks would be retaliated and that was an issue "the Iranians need to think about very, very carefully."
Iran FM rules out possibility of talks with US
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif rules out any prospect of negotiation with the United States, calling the Washington regime a “bully” trying to force all others into acting illegally.
Trump Mideast envoy: 'Deal of century' not out before June 10
The United States Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt says President Donald Trump’s announcement of the controversial proposal for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, dubbed “Deal of the Century,” has been postponed by at least a week over a host of issues.
Israel, US hold small-scale joint war game
The Israeli regime has been conducting a joint war game with the United States, simulating a scenario in which Israel needs aerial defense by the US.
United States biggest source of environmental pollution: Commentator
The United States is the biggest source of environmental pollution in the world, says a commentator, adding that it is not possible to combat climate change unless there is a global effort.
China's Xi urges North Korea, United States to meet halfway
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday told North Korea's foreign minister that he hoped North Korea and the United States could meet each other halfway and address each other's reasonable concerns, China's Foreign Ministry said.
Western states do not want to irrevocably damage ties with Saudi Arabia: Researcher
The United States and other Western states do not want to irrevocably disturb their relations with Saudi Arabia despite evidence that the Saudi rulers murdered dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to Walt Peretto, a writer and researcher based in Washington, DC.
EU lifts restrictions on solar panel imports from China
The European Union will end its five-year-old restrictions on solar panel imports from China, officials say, as Brussels and Beijing increase their own trade cooperation in the face of protectionist steps from the United States.
United States fully responsible for Saudi massacre of Yemeni children: Houthi
The chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Yemen, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has vehemently condemned a recent deadly airstrike by Saudi warplanes on a bus carrying schoolchildren in the country’s northwestern province of Sa’ada, stating that the United States bears full responsibility for the carnage.
Thousands protest across US against family separations
Thousands of people joined rallies across the United States to protest President Donald Trump's policy of separating children from their parents who have entered the country illegally at the US-Mexico border.
Key Republican politician opposes pulling out from Iran deal
A key United States Republican politician has said the United States should not pull out of the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Scholar: Terrorism, one weapon in American foreign policy strategy
A prominent US academic blames the United States and Saudi Arabia for promotion of extremism and says terrorism is one weapons in the broad strategy of US foreign policy.
Pakistan warned of ‘repercussions’ over release of Hafiz Saeed
The United States has taken issue with Pakistan’s release of Hafiz Saeed, who is wanted by Washington over allegedly masterminding a terrorist attack in India in 2008.
Tunisia to lay off 16,500 workers on IMF order
Tunisia will ask the United States for a $500 million loan guarantee as it seeks to lay off about 16,500 public sector workers in 2017 and 2018, a senior government official told Reuters.
Higher mass transit use linked with lower obesity rates
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed a link between higher mass transit use and lower obesity rates in the United States.

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