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Orca grandmothers babysit young whales, study finds
Doting killer whale grandmothers help their grand calves survive, particularly in times of food scarcity, scientists reported in a paper that sheds new light on the evolutionary role of menopause.
Washington state waterfront landowners are getting an unusual request: Take in dead whales
Are you a waterfront owner who does not mind dead whales on your property? There's a special offer for you in Washington state.
US withdrawal of California gillnet protections for whales, turtles ruled illegal
The US President Donald Trump administration unlawfully withdrew a plan to limit the number of whales, turtles and other marine creatures permitted to be inadvertently killed or harmed by drift gillnets used to catch swordfish off California, a federal judge has ruled.
Beluga whales and narwhals go through the menopause
Beluga whales and narwhals go through the menopause — taking the total number of species known to experience this to five.
Endangered fin whales slaughtered in Iceland
A series of gruesome images captured by marine wildlife activists shows the commercial slaughter of endangered fin whales in Iceland.
Research shows diet shift of beluga whales in Alaska inlet
Beluga whales in Alaska's Cook Inlet may have changed their diet over five decades from saltwater prey to fish and crustaceans influenced by freshwater, according to a study by University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers.
Whales often stranded in Probolinggo explained
Head of Probolinggo District Fisheries Department Dedy Isfandi revealed the region has been faced with the trend of having whales stranded or beached during the past several years.
Whales who love to sing in the dark
Beneath the Arctic sea ice, in the blanket of January's polar night, bowhead whales most prefer to sing.
Whales die after mass stranding in Australia
All but six of more than 150 short-finned pilot whales that stranded themselves on a beach in Western Australia have died, despite efforts from authorities and local beachgoers to save them, officials said on Saturday.
Whales, dolphins form 'human-like' societies, cultures
Whale and dolphin societies are rich, complex and remarkably ‘human-like’, scientists argue in a new paper published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.
Ancient whales were fierce predators, not filter feeders
Whales once ignored krill, and instead stalked sizable prey, new research suggested.
A new theory on why whales got so big
Scientists think they've figured out why the biggest whales — those of the baleen variety, including blue whales — got so big.
Whales, seals and dolphins followed a similar evolutionary path from land to sea
New research shows whales, seals and dolphins followed similar evolutionary patterns during their journey from land to sea.
Over 600 whales beach at New Zealand coastline in two days
Over 600 whales have been stranded on a New Zealand coastline over the past two days, with half of them dying despite rescue efforts to refloat them at sea.
Whales can really rock with their mellow songs
When a whale sings, it fills the sea with more than just serene sounds. It also sends vibrations coursing through the water like a speaker with the bass turned way up.

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