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Where is the hottest place in the world?
Have you ever thought about the hottest place in the world? What have you heard about that? Did you know that it is actually in Iran? YES!!
Where seven-year-old Jakelin Caal crossed, migrants risk death to enter US
The black shadows of yucca shrubs huddled under a three-quarter moon.
Where did those electrons go? Decades-old mystery solved
The concept of ‘valence’ — the ability of a particular atom to combine with other atoms by exchanging electrons — is one of the cornerstones of modern chemistry and solid-state physics.
Study clarifies how we can tell where a sound is coming from
A new University College London (UCL) and University of Nottingham study has found that most neurons in the brain's auditory cortex detect where a sound is coming from relative to the head, but some are tuned to a sound source's actual position in the world.
Where climate change is most likely to induce food violence
While climate change is expected to lead to more violence related to food scarcity, new research suggested that the strength of a country's government plays a vital role in preventing uprisings.
Where does blood actually come from?
Scientists at Lund University in Sweden have developed a new understanding of how the first blood cells form during human development as they transition from endothelial cells to form blood cells of different types.
Where plastic bag charge is really going
When the UK government introduced a 5p charge for plastic bags in October 2015, it said that retailers should pass on the money to charities and non-profits.

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