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How to prevent another widespread flu season this year
As people are getting together with friends and family, it is important to practice good hygiene, said Dr. Jennifer Lee, a family medicine physician with Wright State Physicians. That includes washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough.
Widespread errors in 'proofreading' cause inherited blindness
Mistakes in ‘proofreading’ the genetic code of retinal cells is the cause of a form of inherited blindness, retinitis pigmentosa (RP) caused by mutations in splicing factors.
Scientists find widespread ocean anoxia as cause for past mass extinction
For decades, scientists have conducted research centered on the five major mass extinctions that have shaped the world we live in.
Flu activity decreased, but still widespread in US
Although flu activity eased a bit in the United States, overall influenza-associated illness remains high across most of the country, according to the latest US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's weekly surveillance report.
Flu widespread across US for third straight week
Sick with the flu? You’ve got a lot of company.
Carmakers join forces in Europe to make electrics widespread
Major automakers say their joint European electric car recharging network will open its first stations this year in Germany, Austria and Norway in what the companies hope will be a big step toward mass acceptance of battery-powered cars
Women and Malnutrition in Africa
Undernutrition is widespread and a key reason for poor child health in many developing countries. In Sub-Saharan Africa, around 40 percent of children under the age of five suffer from stunted growth, that is, severely reduced height-for-age relative to their growth potential.
Zika causes widespread damage to fetal brain
A new study shows that Zika virus causes so much varied damage throughout the fetal brain that researchers are suggesting the term ‘congenital Zika syndrome’ be used to describe the numerous birth defects.
Widespread land-use change and measures to maintain forests, carbon stocks, biodiversity
Deforestation in North and East Kalimantan in Indonesia can be prevented, but only with strict measures such as using underutilized lands and accounting for land tenure and the maintenance of forests and peatlands.
Pluto's widespread water ice
Data from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft point to more prevalent water ice on Pluto's surface than previously thought.
Depression widespread in professional football
Professional footballers suffer more from depression and anxiety than the general public, with more than a third of current and former players reporting symptoms, according to a study by the world players' union FIFPro.
Widespread union strike threatens automotive industry in US
Thousands of US car industry workers have threatened strikes against the car-making giant Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, demanding fair contracts.
Rio coping with widespread homelessness  ahead of Olympics
Joao Nunes Peixoto Filho has overstayed at a homeless refuge in Rio de Janeiro.

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