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Noise pollution rules should be tightened to protect wildlife, say scientists
Noise produced by human activities should be better regulated to protect wildlife, said the authors of a study exposing how sound pollution affects myriad creatures from fish to birds.
Nature documentaries ‘actively mislead audiences’ into thinking wildlife is doing fine, scientists warn
Nature documentaries could be “actively misleading audiences” by showing nature as something pristine that is not being damaged by humans, researchers warn.
UK ‘is failing to protect wildlife habitats’, new EU report shows
The UK is failing to meet its international obligations to protect its most important wildlife sites and vulnerable species, and now lags behind most other EU countries on key criteria, according to figures posted online by the European Environment Agency.
UK's National Trust to create 68 orchards by 2025 to boost wildlife
Dozens of traditional orchards are to be planted across England and Wales by the National Trust in an attempt to tackle the dramatic decline of one of Britain’s most cherished habitats.
Study reviews the potential impacts of future heat waves on humans and wildlife
Climate change is often talked about in terms of averages — like the goal set by the Paris Agreement to limit the Earth's temperature increase to 2°C.
Drones help researchers fight against wildlife extinction
Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in conservation and ecology research. Drones in particular hold huge potential in the fight to save the world’s remaining wildlife from extinction.
Dutch build artificial islands to bring wildlife back
Dutch ranger Andre Donker sighs as he looks out at the rippling grey waters of the Markermeer, one of Europe's largest freshwater lakes.
Famous wildlife storyteller: Too much alarmism on environment a turn-off
Sir David Attenborough, the world’s most famous wildlife storyteller, believes repeated warnings about human destruction of the natural world can be a ‘turn-off’ for viewers — a comment that is likely to reignite the debate about whether the veteran broadcaster’s primary duty is to entertain or educate.
Wildlife lovers march to raise awareness of the plight of Britain’s nature
Thousands of wildlife enthusiasts gathered from across the UK to take part in a ‘people’s walk’ through London to raise awareness of the catastrophic declines in Britain’s plants and animals.
Toxic 'red tide' algae bloom killing Florida wildlife and menacing tourism
With its long, white, sandy beaches, Sanibel Island off the coast of south-western Florida is usually a perfect place for families to enjoy these last days of summer.
Why scientists count on volunteers to help spy on wildlife
We all know herding cats is difficult, but counting them — especially feral, stray and outdoor cats — is also harder than it looks.
On World Wildlife Day, UN Chief praises park rangers
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his message on World Wildlife Day, 3 March 2018, praised brave park rangers and law enforcement officers for their efforts in fighting wildlife crimes in the field and putting their lives at risk to protect the most threatened species.
Why dietary choices have an impact on global wildlife
Tropical climates in the depths of Asia, Africa or South America might seem a world away from the checkout queue in your average Scottish supermarket or corner shop. But if your basket contains chocolate, coffee, bananas or rice, you can almost guarantee that what you eat comes from far warmer places thousands of miles away.
Planet Earth II, a disaster for world's wildlife
David Attenborough’s blockbuster nature series Planet Earth II is a disaster for the world’s wildlife and a significant contributor to planet-wide extinctions, a rival natural history producer claimed.

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