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Yemen's Ansarullah offers new prisoner swap deal to Saudi-backed ex-govt.
Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has offered the Saudi-backed former government a new deal for exchange of prisoners over a week after the popular movement unilaterally released hundreds of detainees.
Prolonged Saudi war to make Yemen world's poorest country: UN
A new UN report projects that Yemen is on course to become the world's poorest country if Saudi Arabia's aggression against the impoverished nation continues.
Saudi-led coalition, mercenaries looted over 18 million barrels of Yemen oil last year: Min.
The Yemeni oil ministry affiliated with the Houthis says countries of the Saudi-led coalition and their mercenaries looted more than 18 million barrels of the country’s oil exports last year.
Saudi defense minister says views Houthi truce 'positively'
Saudi Arabia said it views the truce announced by Yemen’s Houthis positively, claiming the proposal is something the kingdom has always been seeking.
Yemen's Houthis to free 350 captives, including three Saudis, in good will gesture
The head of Yemen’s National Committee for Prisoners Affairs (NCPA) says the Houthi movement will release 350 prisoners, including three Saudi nationals, in its latest goodwill gesture.
Yemen's footage shows major attack on Saudi border frontline
Yemen’s Houthi movement broadcast footage on Sunday that it said showed a major attack near the border with Saudi Arabia’s southern region of Najran, adding that its forces had captured troops and vehicles.
Simplistic to believe Saudi Arabia recovered from oil attacks: Report
A new report shows Saudi Arabia’s claims that it has restored oil production to normal levels following massive Yemeni attacks earlier this month are hard to believe.
Review: Yemen's 8 indigenous drones that changed military equations
The Yemeni army and its Houthi allies have successfully changed the military equation in a brutal Saudi war by at least eight military drones which they have manufactured domestically.
Airstrikes kill at least 16 in Yemen Dalea Province
Airstrikes blamed on the Saudi-led coalition killed at least 16 people in Yemen’s Dalea Province on Tuesday, two residents and the Al-Masirah TV said.
Five civilians killed in Saudi-led strike in Yemen: Report
Five civilians from one family were killed in an aerial attack by the Saudi-led coalition in Omran Province in Yemen, according to Houthi-owned Al Masirah TV.
Pelosi: Trump turning ‘blind eye’ to Saudi violence in Yemen
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement Saturday chastising President Donald Trump’s decision to deploy troops to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, saying Trump is turning a “blind eye to Saudi Arabia’s continued violence.”

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