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Young men face higher risk for rare flu complication
Young men recovering from the flu should be aware of a side effect that causes nerve damage, a health expert warns.
Young South Korean women leave provinces for jobs
Young South Korean women in their 20s and 30s are increasingly leaving their hometowns in local provinces for jobs in Seoul and other major cities, a local think tank said on Sunday.
When will social media companies get serious about their effect on young kids?
The list of people who are worried about what technology and social media are doing to our kids’ brains is growing.
Young careers: 'I was tired when I was at school'
"Mum was too poorly to get out of bed some days, so I and my big sister would do things around the house and look after the babies," said Maisy, 11.
New way to therapy for rare cancer targeting the young
After years of rigorous research, a team of scientists has identified the genetic engine that drives a rare form of liver cancer.
Young writers encouraged to explore cultural heritage
Young people in Canberra, the capital city of Australia are invited to put into words what their cultural and family heritage means to them in the ‘Back to Your Roots 2017-18’ writing competition.
Young kids with cellphones face a hidden risk
Cyberbullying starts early, and eight- and nine-year-olds with cellphones are especially vulnerable, new research found.
Young people face stroke risk with methamphetamine use
Using methamphetamines may increase the risk of stroke among young people, according to a new review.
Young graduates reluctant to move for new jobs
The unwillingness of young graduates to move from their home regions is behind a marked drop in Britain’s labor mobility since the turn of the millennium, a thinktank said.
Italy has EU’s highest level of ‘alienated young people’
Nearly one-in-four young Italians are neither employed, in education nor training (NEET), latest figures reveal.
Social activities could be key to staying young, preventing illness
Combatting aging and frailty is as preventable as heart disease and diabetes, scientists have claimed.
Young children out alone are wake-up call for other parents
After two young children were found wandering alone in Jacksonville in the US within a week, child safety experts are reminding parents and guardians to watch those in their care closely.
Hot rocks, not a warm atmosphere, explain Mars' young, water-carved valleys
Today, Mars is a freezing cold desert and has been for at least three billion years. And yet, the Red Planet features a network of water-carved valleys that scientists believe formed between 1½ and three million years ago.
Injury rates in young female athletes may be underestimated
Injury rates among elite young female athletes may be higher than what’s been reported, new data suggested.

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