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Zika virus causes delayed childhood neurodevelopment
An international study has shown that the Zika virus may lead to delayed childhood neurodevelopment and impairment in children's vision and hearing, China Science Daily reported on Tuesday.
Zika-resistant mosquitoes engineered by Australian researchers
Australian scientists made a major breakthrough in the fight against the Zika virus.
Zika in Africa: Rare birth defect on the rise in Angola
Emiliano Cula starts to cry as his tiny fingers, curled into a tight fist, are stretched by a physical therapist to stimulate motor control.
Zika virus strips immune cells of their identity
Macrophages are immune cells that are supposed to protect the body from infection by viruses and bacteria. Yet Zika virus preferentially infects these cells.
Zika epidemic sheds light on Brazil's 'invisible children'
Brazil’s “invisible children”, the thousands of babies born with neurodevelopmental disorders, have been brought out of the shadows by the Zika virus epidemic and their families may get help for the first time.
Zika, health cuts blamed for rise in baby death rates in Brazil
The number of children dying in their first year of life has risen in Brazil for the first time since 1990.
Zika may cause more miscarriages than previously thought
American researchers suggested that more women could be losing their pregnancies to the Zika virus without knowing they are infected.
Some California mosquitoes can carry Zika virus
Aedes mosquitoes in California can spread the Zika virus, researchers reported.
Zika attacks placentas of pregnant monkeys
When Zika infection occurs during pregnancy, the virus may damage the placenta, new research found. This may explain how the infection causes birth defects.
How Zika infection drives fetal demise
A powerful antiviral protein may act as a checkpoint for keeping or ending a pregnancy.
Anti-malaria drug shows promise as Zika treatment (Video)
A new collaborative study led by researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) and University of California (UC) San Diego School of Medicine has found that a medication used to prevent and treat malaria may also be effective for Zika virus.
Zika virus used to treat aggressive brain cancer
A harmful virus that can cause devastating brain damage in babies could offer up a surprising new treatment for adult brain cancer, according to US scientists.
Postnatal identification of Zika virus peptides from saliva
For the first time, researchers are using proteomics to examine proteins and peptides in saliva in order to accurately detect exposure to Zika virus.
Study: Malaria drug protects fetus against Zika
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine found that a drug used to treat malaria may protect fetuses from the Zika virus.
India detects three Zika cases in Gujarat state
India has reported its first three cases of Zika virus that occurred last year in the western state of Gujarat, making the country ​the latest nation to be affected by the mosquito-borne virus that sparked global concern.

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