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Thailand begins disinfecting packages sent from abroad, despite WHO’s reassurance
There have been no reports of coronavirus being contracted from packages posted from overseas, but the plan to disinfect them is one of the latest measures taken by authorities to halt the spread of the disease.
'Death Cross,' growth abroad threaten US dollar
Storm clouds are gathering over the US dollar, threatening a two-year rally in the currency that has squeezed corporate profits and angered US President Donald Trump.
Iran to set up auto parts plant abroad
Member of Association of Automotive Parts Manufacturers Hamidreza Samadi revealed the launch of some automotive parts production site in some countries during sanctions period.
Britain must end financial help for fossil fuel projects abroad: Lawmakers
Britain must stop financing fossil fuel projects abroad by 2021 as it undermines the nation’s efforts to combat climate change, a report by lawmakers said on Monday.
Brexit allows UK to expand military presence abroad: Minister
Britain’s Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson has said that leaving the European Union would allow his country to expand its military presence abroad and establish more bases in other countries.
Iranian university startups to be set up abroad
Startups of Payam-e Nour University (PNU) in the fields of health and tourism will be set up in Armenia and Oman, said the Vice-President of PNU for Research Affairs on Thursday.
Pakistan to ban jailed former prime minister from traveling abroad
Pakistan will bar jailed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, convicted of corruption, and his daughter Maryam from traveling abroad, the government says.
Iran to make four stem cell research centers abroad
In order to transfer technology, Iran is going to establish four centers in Iraq, Oman, Azerbaijan, and Syria, said the managing director of the Royan Institute on Sunday.
FM session addresses pres. election issues abroad
Foreign Ministry has hosted the 2nd session of Supervisory Body to address issues related to ballot boxes to collect Iranians’ votes in presidential elections of May 2017.
Azerbaijan bans journalist from traveling abroad
Azerbaijan has upheld a travel ban on a prominent investigative journalist, whose conviction of corruption earlier this year angered rights groups at home and abroad.
5,510 ID cards issued for infants born abroad
State Registration Organization issued 5,510 identity cards and birth certificates for Iranian infants who were born abroad during March 20-Sept. 21, 2016, said a senior official of the organization.
14,000 Iranian students studying abroad
About 14,000 Iranian students are studying in 85 countries, said deputy education minister for international affairs and overseas schools.
US ignores how many people it kills abroad
Domestic reports of crime and gun violence in the US are “self-involved” as they usually ignore the fact that America is the biggest provider of guns worldwide and has killed millions outside its own borders, an American writer and political commentator says.
Yemeni pleads guilty to conspiring to kill US nationals abroad
A Yemeni individual has pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill American nationals abroad by working with al-Qaeda militants to attack US military and coalition forces in Afghanistan.
Many Americans don't get recommended vaccines before travel
Americans who travel abroad often do not receive the recommended vaccines that would protect them from certain illnesses, new research suggests.

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