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Democrat's bill to criminalize Trump business activities
A Democratic Representative from the state of California has proposed a bill that would make it a criminal offense for President Donald Trump and his family to "enrich themselves by using his presidency."
Why is European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 important
Cultural heritage plays an important role in the history and identity of European countries and indeed of the continent as a whole. It is a vital part of Europe's economy and promoting cultural treasures will help to boost growth and employment.
Qatar’s ambassador officially resumes activities in Iran
Ali Bin Hamad al-Sulaiti, Qatar’s Ambassador to Tehran, officially resumed his diplomatic duties in Tehran on Saturday.
Scheduling leisure activities makes them less fun: study
Nothing ruins a potentially fun event like putting it on your calendar. In a series of studies, researchers found that scheduling a leisure activity like seeing a movie or taking a coffee break led people to anticipate less enjoyment and actually enjoy the event less than if the same activities were unplanned.
Over 1,400 Dar-ol-Qur'an centers founded in Iranian schools
More than 1,400 schools across Iran now have Dar-ol-Qur'an centers to promote Qur'anic activities, said an official.
Activities of German archeologists in Iran
First German archeologists came to Iran a century ago. Ernst Herzfeld was the first archeologist to visit Iran 93 years ago to conduct studies on Takht-e Jamshid and Pasargad in Fars Province in the south of the country.
Bahrain suspends all activities by Shia opposition group, al-Wafaq
Bahrain has suspended all the activities by the country’s largest Shia political group and frozen its assets, Justice Ministry says.
Activities of Leisure Time Society
Leisure time is when one is in a good mood.
Abbas calls for end to Israeli occupation, settlement activities
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has once again called on world leaders to help bring an end to the Israeli regime’s occupation and illegal settlement activities in the occupied lands.
Most Israeli Jews do not back settlement activities: Study
A new survey has found out that most Israeli Jews do not agree with right-wing claims that expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank helps Israel’s security.
Commander : IRGC doubles missile activities despite US pressure
A senior military commander says Iran has stepped up boosting its missile capabilities since the US asked to curb them.
Mentally challenging activities key to healthy aging mind
One of the greatest challenges associated with the growing numbers of aged adults is how to maintain a healthy aging mind. Taking up a new mental challenge such as digital photography or quilting may help maintain cognitive vitality, say researchers.
OANA steps up activities to enhance role
Stepping up of activities of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) is among the priorities of the 39th OANA Executive Board meeting in Seoul, OANA President and TASS Director General Sergei Mikhailov said at the opening ceremony on Monday.
Device developed for monitoring tsunami activities
A new, low-cost experimental device for sea level measurement has been developed by JRC scientists. The first four devices have been installed in Spain and Portugal, in collaboration with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection and the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC).
Syria urges IAEA monitoring of Israel's nuclear activities
Syria has called on the international community not to turn a blind eye to Israel’s nuclear activities and compel the Tel Aviv regime to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

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