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Natural disasters affected 66,000 in China in January
Natural disasters killed seven people and affected 66,000 in China last month, according to the Ministry of Emergency Management.
France: Sanctions not to affect Iran diplomatic missions
New sanctions of Europe on Iran will not affect the country's diplomatic mission, French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs spokesperson said on Wednesday.
How do our emotions affect our immune response?
Many studies have shown that chronic exposure to stress, anxiety, and negative moods generally can affect physical health to a large extent.
Bottling up your emotions can affect your immunity: Study
Teenagers who suppressed emotions tended to have more inflammation when their immune cells were exposed to a bacterial stimulus in the lab, even in the presence of anti-inflammatory signals.
Would-be moms, managing weight during pregnancy may affect your child’s bone health
A new study has examined whether managing weight during pregnancy might affect children’s bone mass.
Brexit to tremendously affect Queen finances: expert
Britain’s exit from the European Union without a Brexit deal with the bloc would have a tremendous affect on the finances of the British royal family and Queen Elizabeth ll will feel it, an expert says.
Can where you live affect your health?
Is it possible that a ZIP code may be as important as genetics in determining someone’s health?
Is stress killing your eyesight? Here’s how it can affect vision
Stress reduction and relaxation techniques such as meditation, stress management training and psychotherapy to learn to cope should be recommended not only as complementary to traditional treatments of vision loss, but possibly as preventive measures to reduce progression of vision loss.
Syria ceasefire not to affect offensive in Afrin: Turkey
Turkey welcomes a United Nations Security Council resolution on a month-long ceasefire in Syria, but says it will have no effect on Ankara's ongoing cross-border offensive in Syria’s northwestern region of Afrin against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).
Beware, surgery and anaesthesia may affect your immediate memory
Patients may score slightly lower on certain memory tests after having surgery and anaesthesia, says a new study.
Arthritis didn't affect famous cloned sheep
Dolly the sheep did not have early onset osteoarthritis after all, according to new research.
Alzheimer's could affect the whole body
A new discovery could change the way scientists think about where Alzheimer's disease originates in the body.
South Asia floods affect more than 16m people
More than 16 million people have been affected by floods in South Asia, aid workers and officials said, with heavy rains and damaged roads hampering relief efforts amid severe food shortages and a growing risk of waterborne diseases.
Drinking grapefruit juice can affect some medicine
High blood pressure is a condition which affects thousands of people in the UK, but experts believe those who take certain medication to treat the condition should avoid one type of fruit.
Unusual temperature may affect baby’s weight
Unusually hot or cold weather may affect the birth weight of babies, a new study suggested.

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