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Air pollution speeds up aging of the lungs  and increases chronic lung disease risk
A study of more than 300,000 people has found that exposure to outdoor air pollution is linked to decreased lung function and an increased risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Singapore wants self-driving cars to help its aging society
It may look like a giant robotic bug but the MooAV could be the car of the future.
Welfare of aging population a far cry in Bangladesh
Growing prosperity has resulted in increased population longevity, posing a new challenge for the government of Bangladesh.
Aging of lab grown human cells successfully reversed by new compounds
While there is still a long way to go yet, scientists have just published a paper where they explain how they have successfully reversed the age of human cells.
How scientists are testing cancer drugs to slow down aging
Aging is a perfectly natural process, but that doesn’t mean that humans won’t try everything in their power to slow it down. In recent years, researchers who study aging have become intrigued by the idea of slowing the march of time by ridding the body of its population of older cells.
Stay away from stressful life events to protect your brain
Major midlife adverse events, such as divorce or death of a family member, accelerates aging in the brain, a study has found.
Japanese prisons cope with swelling ranks of elderly inmates
A gaunt, 92-year-old man in a wheelchair sunbathes in a narrow courtyard, motionless, his eyes closed. Nearby, a few dozen other elderly men with short grey hair exercise slowly as an instructor gently calls out, "Don't strain yourselves."
‘Superhuman’ mole rats could hold key to eternal human life
Naked mole rats are incredibly resistant to certain types of pain, have a high immunity to cancer and can survive 18 minutes without oxygen but they may also hold the key to never aging, new research suggested.
Grandparents help shape kids' views on aging
Kids who have a good relationship with their grandparents are less likely to become prejudiced against old people, a new study has found.
Apple apologizes for slowing down older iPhones with aging batteries
Apple has apologized to customers for deliberately slowing the performance of older iPhone models without users’ consent.
Researchers track muscle stem cell dynamics in response to injury, aging
A new study led by researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) describes the biology behind why muscle stem cells respond differently to aging or injury.
Aging population ‘poses risks to economy’
An aging global population could be putting the brakes on economic growth, resulting in an almost permanent squeeze on living standards, a leading investment bank has warned.
Having trouble sleeping? It is not just because of aging
Many older adults have sleep problems that can be caused by aging. But other issues also contribute to the prevalence of sleep complaints, and they should be discussed and investigated, experts said.
Aging red star pictured blowing smoky bubble
With the help of the ALMA observatory, astronomers have captured images of a smoky bubble of debris expelled by the unusual red star, U Antliae.

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