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Three parts of your body you should always check for tick bites
Lyme disease may have an innocent sounding name, but it’s a nasty condition transmitted by ticks which, left untreated, can lead to severe health problems. Here are three parts of body you should always check after visiting grassy and woodland areas, as well as other symptoms you should look out for.
Med switch not always best choice with tough depression
Switching to another antidepressant may not be the best way to help depression patients who don't respond to the first antidepressant they take, a new study found.
College not always the answer
US Representative Tim Walz late last month introduced the Remedial Education Improvement Act, a bill to provide grants to colleges and universities to create and expand remedial education programs.
Saudis always in war with Muslims
Parliament Speaker Ali Larijnai said Saudi Arabia has always been in battle against Muslims without confronting Zionists even with one bullet.
Heart, lung problems may not always need ICU care
The intensive care unit (ICU) may not improve the chances of survival for all patients with serious heart problems, a new study suggested.
It’s always a joy to discover a new species
In December 2000, George Beccaloni, an entomologist at the Natural History Museum in London, was honeymooning in southern Thailand. On a streambank near Khao Sok national park, he turned over a few rocks in search of interesting critters — and encountered a huge, startlingly ugly centipede, 20cm long.
Smartphone 'voices' not always helpful in a health crisis
It can give you street directions or find the nearest deli, but how helpful is your smartphone's virtual voice in a health crisis? A study says the answer is often not very.

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