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Amid US sanctions, India placed orders for Iran crude oil supply for November
Indian public sector companies have already placed orders with Iran for crude oil supply during November, a senior government official said in Singapore on Friday.
Racist rants video goes viral in UK amid hate crime spikes
The media in the UK have reported on a second major case of hateful crime amid calls for a boycott of budget airline Ryanair over alleged inaction of its staff during a “racist” verbal attack on a passenger.
Russian plane with 14 on board goes off radars amid Israeli air raids on Syria
A Russian military Il-20 plane carrying 14 service members disappeared from radars on Monday night as four Israeli jet fighters were attacking state institutions in Syria’s Latakia.
NATO warships moving closer to Syria shores amid looming US airstrikes: Report
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is reportedly beefing up its naval presence in the eastern sector of the Mediterranean Sea amid indications that the United States and its allies would use a staged chemical attack in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib to launch airstrikes on government forces.
Zimbabwe bans gatherings amid cholera outbreak
Zimbabwe's police on Wednesday issued a ban on all public gatherings to control the spread of cholera, which has killed 21 people in the capital Harare.
Cornwall hit by 'tourist overcrowding' amid UK heatwave
Cornwall is ‘struggling to cope’ with ‘unprecedented mass tourism’ this summer, it is being claimed.
Critics seize on Corbyn’s Press TV interview amid anti-Semitism row
An anti-Semitism row within the British Labour Party has deepened as critics of party chief Jeremy Corbyn seize on comments he made to the Press TV six years ago, saying they reflected the anti-Semite feelings of the Labour leader.
Syrian army takes key town amid new advances in southwest
Syrian troops have regained control of al-Harak town in Dara’a Province from Takfiri terrorists as the government widens a major offensive against foreign-backed militants in the troubled southwest.
Nine killed amid increasing ethnic violence in Ethiopia
The number of people killed in Ethiopia's western Benishangul-Gumuz region has risen to nine since unrest erupted on Monday, officials said.
Germany’ CSU gives Merkel ultimatum over refugees amid coalition crisis
The Christian Social Union (CSU) party of Germany’s Bavaria region, a key ally in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, has issued an ultimatum for the government to introduce restrictions on refugee arrivals in two weeks or face a real political crisis.
Amid national pilot crisis, 1,000 retired US military pilots may be recalled
The United States Air Force may recall as many as 1,000 retired military pilots to tackle an ‘acute shortage’ in its ranks amid a national pilot crisis.
Household debt grows amid signs of Brexit downturn: Report
Rising levels of household debt could leave Britain's lower-income families dangerously exposed amid signs of an economic downturn linked to Brexit, a credit rating agency has warned.
Mali hit by deadly ethnic clashes amid drought
Eight people have died in violent clashes between two ethnic groups in central Mali, local sources told AFP Thursday, as tensions grow over use of land and food scarcity in the region.
Six killed in Ginea amid violent rally against teachers’ strike
At least six Guineans have been killed during violent protest rallies calling for the reopening of schools amid a weeks-long strike by teachers.
Arrests made amid no letup in France unrest
People in France continue with their protests against police brutality across the country, with reports of several arrests in the northern city of Rouen.

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