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Historical findings in Jiroft represent ancient Iranian civilization
Ancient Jiroft is a symbol of Iranian civilization. The history of the region dates back to more than 4,300 years ago. Today Jiroft is a city in Kerman Province.
Ancient ‘one of a kind’ tomb unveiled in Egypt
Egypt unveiled a well-preserved 4,400-year-old tomb decorated with hieroglyphs and statues south of Cairo, and officials expect more discoveries when archeologists excavate the site further in coming months.
Gur City, ancient wonder in southern Iran
As Iran’s first circular city, Gur City is considered an ancient wonder.
Ancient Roman statue discovered in margarine tub
An ancient statue of the Roman deity Minerva was discovered in a margarine tub, where it had been languishing for years.
First city show for ancient master
The first exhibition devoted to the work of ancient Shanghai painter Dong Qichang (1555-1636) has opened at Shanghai Museum and features the most complete collection of his work ever brought together.
Iraq’s ancient pottery struggles to outlive modern plastic
Adel Al-Kawwaz expertly spins the potter’s wheel, shaping the wet clay into a smooth jug. His family is famous for this millennia-old Iraqi craft, but Kawwaz is struggling to keep it alive.
Ancient tools found in North Africa could 'rewrite human origin story'
The story of humankind may need some editing.
In Lebanon, climate change devours ancient cedar trees
High up in Lebanon's mountains, the lifeless grey trunks of dead cedar trees stand stark in the deep green forest, witnesses of the climate change that has ravaged them.
Egypt unveils ancient tomb and sarcophagi in Luxor
Egypt on Saturday unveiled an ancient tomb, sarcophagi and funerary artifacts discovered in the Theban necropolis of Al-Assasif in the southern city of Luxor.
NASA picks ancient Martian river delta for 2020 rover touchdown
NASA picked an ancient river delta as the landing site for its uncrewed Mars 2020 rover, to hunt for evidence of past life on Earth's neighboring planet, officials said Monday.
Ancient bones found in suburban Chicago
A woman doing landscaping on her suburban Chicago property unearthed the bones of a man who died 800 to 1,000 years ago.
Ancient alien discovery: 15th century painting is ‘proof of alien visit’
A painting dating back to the 15th century could be proof that aliens have been visiting the Earth for some time, conspiracy theorists claim.
Archeologists discover pregnant woman with fetus in Ancient Egyptian burial site
An Italian-American mission has discovered an ancient tomb containing a pregnant woman and her fetus during an archeological dig in southern Egypt.
Ancient South Americans quickly adapted to harsh environments
Live Science reports that people may have adapted to living in the cold temperatures, low oxygen levels, and intense ultraviolet radiation of the Andes Mountains within a few thousand years of migrating to South America.

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