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Endurance but not resistance training has anti-aging effects
Researchers have discovered evidence that endurance exercise, such as running, swimming, cross-country skiing and cycling, will help you age better than resistance exercise, which involves strength training with weights.
Three reasons why eating more protein can be anti-aging(video)
The best diet for older people is one rich in protein, with stroke prevention and increased muscle strength among the benefits.
Anti-aging skin care products: Teenagers’ blood to stay young
Scientists today are conducting countless studies to find better anti-aging skin care products.
Scientists make significant anti-aging breakthrough
A breakthrough in understanding human skin cells offers a pathway for new anti-ageing treatments.
Anti-aging tricks from dietary supplement
In human cells, shortened telomeres, the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes, are both a sign of aging and contribute to it. Scientists at Emory University School of Medicine have found that the dietary supplement alpha lipoic acid (ALA) can stimulate telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens telomeres, with positive effects in a mouse model of atherosclerosis.
Researchers take first baby step toward anti-aging drug
Researchers could be closing in on a "fountain of youth" drug that can delay the effects of aging and improve the health of older adults, a new study suggests.

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