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NASA warns Bennu will appear in sky this Thursday
'Apocalypse' asteroid Bennu will be visible to the naked eye in the western night sky this Thursday (February 14) from 8:00 p.m.
MIT study: Earth may not appear as blue by 2100
Owing to climate change surface of the oceans will change color by end of 21st century leading our blue planet to look visibly altered, finds a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the US.
President Rouhani to appear on TV tonight
Iran President Hassan Rouhani will address nation in a televised program Monday night at 21:40 local time (17:10 GMT), deputy head of the public relations office of the president has announced.
Alzheimer’s breakthrough: New test can spot signs seven years before symptoms first appear
British scientists last night hailed the ‘earliest ever’ test for Alzheimer’s, which can spot signs of the condition seven years before symptoms first appear.
Stroke rates appear to be rising steadily in young adults
The rate of stroke among young people has apparently been rising steadily since 1995, according to a study.
Get more sleep to appear more intelligent
A new study from the University of St Andrews has found that getting more sleep may help individuals appear more intelligent to their teachers and prospective employers by influencing their neutral expression.
Galloway’s attacker set to appear in court
A British individual accused of physically assaulting British lawmaker and Press TV host George Galloway is due to appear in a London court.

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