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Damghan City: History reflected in architecture, art
Damghan is one of the ancient cities of Iran which is still standing and inhabited. Here we introduce the ancient part and historical texture of Damghan and its highlights:
Ashkezar Water Mill among marvels of Persian architecture
When you hear the term ‘watermill’, you immediately think of a grassy outdoor area, birds chirping, and a waterfall turning the heavy wheel of a mill; the Ashkezar Water Mill is about to completely break that reality!
WTO: Iran known for hospitality
Iran is known worldwide for its hospitality, observed UN World Tourism Organization secretary general noting that in the field of tourism, hospitality is more important than culture, traditions and architecture.
Abbasi House, a beautiful masterpiece of Persian architecture
Built during the 18th century, Abbasi House of Kashan, also referred to as the Abbassian House (Khaneh Abbassian), is the most distinguished example of traditional Persian architecture in all of Iran.
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, a famous masterpiece of Iranian architecture
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a famous masterpiece of Iranian architecture, standing on the eastern side of Naqsh-e Jahan Square — the first built of the four monuments of the square. The blend of modest shape and rich interior and exterior tile ornaments made the mosque one of the most recognizable tourist sites of Isfahan.
JCPOA key element of global non-proliferation architecture
EU-China statement:
Lebanon president: US pullout to undermine Mideast stability
Imam Mosque of Isfahan: Masterpiece of Persian architecture
The Imam Mosque — formerly known as Royal or Shah Mosque — is a historic mosque in Isfahan, central Iran, standing in southern side of Naqsh-e Jahan Square.
Isfahan’s Jame’ Mosque boasts pioneering role in mosque architecture
Located in the historic center of Isfahan, Jame’ Mosque can be viewed as a stunning illustration of the development in the architecture of mosques over the past 12 centuries, starting from 841 CE.
Adobe architecture area identified in northeastern Iran
Ancient adobe structures and remains of plaster on some walls have been identified in an area extending 150 hectares in Quchan, Khorasan Razavi Province.
Study reveals architecture of the 'second brain’
Researchers hope a survey of the body's enteric nervous system will offer new insights into the nature of common gastrointestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation.
Iranian-Islamic architecture festival due in May
National Festival of Iranian-Islamic Architecture will be held next May concurrent with Architecture Week, announced the head of Art Bureau's Center of Architecture.
Sassanid-era structure uncovered in Takestan
The second season of archaeological expedition in Takestan’s Islamic Azad University site uncovered structures Sassanid in origin.
Bishabour, a symbol of Sassanid architecture
The multiplicity of historical monuments from the Sassanid era compared to those from the Parthian period shows that construction activities was quite extensive at that time.
Architecture booms as Iran opens doors to world
Iran is on the verge of a new era for architecture according to local architects, as change sweeps through the Islamic Republic following the removal of Western sanctions.

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