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Arthritis also affects young people: UMMC director
Some people, especially the younger ones, take lightly the symptoms of arthritis, thinking that the ailment only affects the older folks when it can also affect them, if not detected and treated early.
Arthritis drugs could prevent fatal spread of breast cancer
Arthritis drugs used on the NHS could prevent the fatal spread of breast cancer, research suggests.
Knee arthritis most common orthopedic disorder in Iran
By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti
Arthritis: Severe joint pain could be a symptom of gout — what you need to know
Arthritis types include osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and gout. Although the former is the most common, there are other types to be aware of. These four symptoms, including severe joint pain, may indicate gout.
Arthritis symptoms: Add five foods to your diet to slash joint pain
Arthritis pain affects about 10 million people in the UK. Symptoms — including joint pain and inflammation — could be reduced by adding these five foods to your diet.
Arthritis pain: Miracle jab could ease agony for millions of sufferers
A miracle jab that could ease the misery of arthritis for millions of sufferers has been developed by scientists, it was revealed.
Do this type of exercise if you have been injured or have arthritis
Gym workouts incorporating low-impact moves, such as Pilates, are ideal for those with arthritis or who have been recently injured.
Could your Sunday morning run cause arthritis?
Arthritis symptoms include joint pain and inflammation.
Arthritis symptoms: Eating five prunes daily could lower joint pain risk
Arthritis symptoms affect about 10 million people in the UK, including people of all ages.
Arthritis didn't affect famous cloned sheep
Dolly the sheep did not have early onset osteoarthritis after all, according to new research.
Arthritis: ‘clicking’ and ‘popping’ joints could be a sign of painful condition
Arthritis symptoms could be prevented by listening to ‘snaps, crackles and pops’, and taking action early to stop the condition, a rheumatologist has urged.
Arthritis symptoms could be eased by eating dark leafy greens
Arthritis symptoms could be eased by eating certain types of foods that have anti-inflammatory properties.
Arthritis symptoms warning: Beware these five factors that can speed up joint pain( video)
Arthritis affects around 10 million people in the UK, but there are certain factors that can accelerate onset of joint pain and other symptoms.
How you think about your arthritis makes a difference
How well you cope with knee arthritis depends a lot on your mental outlook, a new study suggested.

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