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Lose-dose aspirin may help fight MS
Although the findings are so far only in mice, studies suggest that aspirin – even the ‘low-dose’ variety – might help counter multiple sclerosis.
Aspirin may help reduce effects of Alzheimer's disease
Daily low doses of aspirin may help reduce the effects of Alzheimer's disease and protect memory, according to a new study.
Safety differences revealed for pain-relieving drugs combined with aspirin
A Cleveland Clinic study of widely used pain-relieving drugs showed that celecoxib was associated with comparable cardiovascular safety and better gastrointestinal (GI) and kidney safety when compared with either naproxen or ibuprofen.
Aspirin may reduce risk for liver cancer
Daily aspirin may reduce the risk of liver cancer for people with hepatitis B infection, a new study suggested.
Aspirin withdrawal linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke( video)
Millions of pensioners prescribed a daily aspirin increase their risk of heart attack or stroke by more than a third if they quit taking the pill, research claimed.
Aspirin safe for heart failure patients
Some research has raised concerns about the safety of aspirin for heart failure patients. But a new study appears to offer some reassurance.
Low-dose aspirin may reduce breast cancer risk for diabetic women
Researchers in Taiwan found women with type 2 diabetes who take a low-dose aspirin may reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Scientists treat cowpea seeds with 'aspirin'
Researchers in Brazil have developed a new 'medicine', or seed treatment, for cowpea seeds.
Low-dose aspirin may lower risk for most common type of breast cancer
Score yet another point for low-dose aspirin: Regularly taking ‘baby’ aspirin appears to protect women from the most common type of breast cancer, new research suggested.
Aspirin may be useless in preventing heart attacks
Aspirin may be useless in preventing heart attacks in patients at risk ― contradicting UK’s National Health Service (NHS) advice.
Aspirin often wrongly prescribed for atrial fibrillation
More than one-third of US patients with the abnormal heartbeat atrial fibrillation who need a blood thinner to prevent strokes aren't getting one, researchers say.
Aspirin can help beat heart disease, colon cancer
A panel of US experts recommended taking a daily aspirin as a strategy for preventing heart disease and colorectal cancer in certain people in their 50s and 60s.
Could aspirin shoulder the burden of inflammation?
Aspirin could be used as an anti-inflammatory drug, bringing relief to the thousands who suffer with shoulder pain, Oxford University researchers have found.
Aspirin holds key to develop many drugs
A key mechanism of aspirin may explain many of the drug's therapeutic properties, revealed a new study.
Daily aspirin likely to fight colon cancer
Millions of Americans already take a low-dose daily aspirin to help shield their hearts. Now, a new study suggests the same inexpensive pill might extend survival for patients battling cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, including tumors of the colon and esophagus.

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