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Molds damage lung's protective barrier to spur future asthma attacks
University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have identified a new way that common Aspergillus molds can induce asthma, by first attacking the protective tissue barrier deep in the lungs.
Pakistan court gives 11 years in jail to Mumbai attacks mastermind
A Pakistani court has sentenced Hafiz Saeed, the alleged mastermind of the 2008 terror attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai, to 11 years in jail after it found him guilty of terrorism financing charges.
At least 11 civilians killed in Takfiri terrorist attacks in Niger: Officials
At least 11 civilians had been killed in two separate attacks in Niger, which is struggling to contain a wave of Takfiri terrorists’ violence, officials said Saturday.
Russia deeply concerned by attacks on Syria government forces
The Kremlin said on Friday that Russia was fully compliant with its obligations in Syria’s Idlib region, but that it was deeply concerned about aggressive militant attacks on Syrian government forces and Russia’s Hmeimim airbase.
Iraq's PMU denies strike on fighters as US mounts attacks on anti-terror group
Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) has denied a fresh US airstrike targeted its fighters as the United States steps up attacks on the counter-terrorism paramilitary group in the Arab country.
Israeli military conducts new attacks on besieged Gaza enclave
Israeli warplanes, choppers, and navy boats have conducted new attacks on the Gaza Strip, targeting several positions in the north, west and south of the besieged enclave.
Pro-government group attacks rally demanding release of 'illegally' held Nigerians
Pro-government activists in Nigeria on Monday attacked civil society protesters who were demanding the release of people they say are illegally detained, a Reuters witness said.
One thousand Yemeni children die daily due to Saudi-led attacks, siege: Health minister
The Yemeni minister of public health and population has warned about the catastrophic toll that the ongoing Saudi-led military onslaught and blockade has taken, stating that it is estimated that 1,000 children die in the crisis-hit and impoverished Arab country on a daily basis.
‘Grenade attacks kill 2, wound several in Indian Kashmir’
At least two people have been killed and several others wounded in two grenade attacks in Indian-controlled Kashmir region, police say.
Seven people killed in attacks by terrorists in Nigeria’s Borno
Seven people have been killed in attacks by Takfiri terrorists in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno.
Attacks on Aramco facilities to hit Saudi growth this year: World Bank
The World Bank has said in a report that attacks last month on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities would cause a decline in the country’s economic growth this year.
16 people killed in attacks by Boko Haram, rival faction in Nigeria’s Borno
At least 16 people, including 11 government troopers, have been killed during attacks launched by Takfiri terrorists in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno.
Saudi credit rating down amid looming threats on oil facilities
Saudi Arabia’s credit rating has been cut amid increased risk of attacks on its oil facilities, a further blow to a government led by an ambitious young prince who seeks to modernize the economy and diversify it away from oil.
Al-Shabab launches attacks against US airbase, EU convoy in Somalia
The Al-Shabab terrorist group launched two separate attacks on a US military base and a European Union military convoy in Somalia.
Israel behind attacks on Iraq’s popular forces: PM
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi held the Israeli regime responsible for a string of attacks on the positions of the pro-government Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), following investigations into recent assaults on the voluntary forces.

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