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Seven people killed in attacks by terrorists in Nigeria’s Borno
Seven people have been killed in attacks by Takfiri terrorists in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno.
Attacks on Aramco facilities to hit Saudi growth this year: World Bank
The World Bank has said in a report that attacks last month on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities would cause a decline in the country’s economic growth this year.
16 people killed in attacks by Boko Haram, rival faction in Nigeria’s Borno
At least 16 people, including 11 government troopers, have been killed during attacks launched by Takfiri terrorists in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno.
Saudi credit rating down amid looming threats on oil facilities
Saudi Arabia’s credit rating has been cut amid increased risk of attacks on its oil facilities, a further blow to a government led by an ambitious young prince who seeks to modernize the economy and diversify it away from oil.
Al-Shabab launches attacks against US airbase, EU convoy in Somalia
The Al-Shabab terrorist group launched two separate attacks on a US military base and a European Union military convoy in Somalia.
Israel behind attacks on Iraq’s popular forces: PM
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi held the Israeli regime responsible for a string of attacks on the positions of the pro-government Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), following investigations into recent assaults on the voluntary forces.
Polls close in Afghanistan amid reports of sporadic attacks
Voting in Afghanistan’s presidential election has ended amid complaints of irregularities and serious security incidents in several provinces.
Saudi Aramco seeks $1bn in loans after attacks: Report
Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil company Aramco , the world’s largest, has asked banks for loans of up to $1 billion after attacks on its giant oil facilities earlier this month that shut down a bulk of daily production.
Report confirms delay to Saudi Aramco listing after attacks
A report shows Saudi authorities have effectively delayed plans for floating state-run Aramco oil company on the stock market after attacks on oil installations east of the kingdom earlier this month.
Four, including a civilian, killed across Iraq in day of militant attacks
At least three members of Iraq’s security forces and one civilian have been killed in separate attacks by militants across various parts of the Arab country.
US, UK provide means for Saudi attacks on Yemen
Political commentator Hussein al-Bukhaiti says this is not the first time that the Saudi-led coalition has targeted prisons in Yemen with the help of the US and the UK.
Israel carries out attacks targeting bases of Iraqi anti-terror forces 'in recent days': NYT
Israel has carried out several attacks targeting bases of Iraqi anti-terror forces "in recent days", the New York Times reports.
Evidence points to Israel being behind recent attacks on Hashd al-Sha’abi forces: Iraqi MP
An Iraqi legislator says evidence points to involvement of the Israeli regime in a recent attack on pro-government Popular Mobilization Units, better known by the Arabic word Hashd al-Sha’abi, stating that the Tel Aviv regime is trying to weaken the volunteer forces.
Yemen attacks Saudi oil field at Shaybah with 10 drones: TV
Yemeni forces have conducted attacks on an oil field affiliated to Saudi Aramco in the east of the kingdom in retaliation for Riyadh’s war on their country, al-Masirah TV reports.

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