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Hundreds show up to support and bring awareness to heart disease and strokes in US
Almost 850,000 people across the United States died in 2016 from cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association. On Saturday in Spokane, survivors, caretakers and supporters walked to bring awareness to heart disease and strokes.
People, health workers lack awareness of lupus
Many people in Nepal have neither heard about the disease named lupus nor know anything about what the disease is.
Wildlife lovers march to raise awareness of the plight of Britain’s nature
Thousands of wildlife enthusiasts gathered from across the UK to take part in a ‘people’s walk’ through London to raise awareness of the catastrophic declines in Britain’s plants and animals.
Group rallies to bring awareness to youth violence
Since the end of 2017, South Bend in Indiana, the US has seen an uptick in youth violence and fatal shootings involving children. Saturday one group worked to bring peace so the violence doesn't get any worse.
Expert discusses mental health awareness for kids returning to school (video)
For Ava Reyes, marked her fifth birthday as well as her first day of kindergarten.
Robots could help solve social care crisis
Humanoid robots, with cultural awareness and a good bedside manner, could help solve the crisis over care for the elderly, academics say.
Greater public awareness about divorce essential
The growth in divorce rate in the society can raise the frequency of many social disorders including addiction, burglary, poverty and unemployment.
Raising public awareness about drug abuse vital
Drug addiction is a social ailment with numerous physical and psychological effects. Particular attention should be paid to the root causes of the problem, otherwise any treatment will last for a short period and drug abusers will revert to their previous status.
Public awareness of AIDS essential
Three buses are being deployed across Tehran from December 3 to 20 to provide information to the public about acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), said Tehran Municipality's director general for health affairs.
Migraine Awareness Week underway
Migraine Awareness Week is an annual campaign that is observed during Sept. 6-12, 2015, to draw attention to migraine. Every year, migraine awareness week is observed to educate the public on the seriousness of the condition and reduce its stigma. This year, the focus of Migraine Awareness Week is on young people.
Predictors of climate change awareness vary around globe
Using data from the largest cross-sectional survey of climate change perceptions ever conducted, researchers writing in Nature Climate Change today report the first global assessment of factors underlying climate change awareness and risk perception. They say results indicate that to be most effective, climate-related messages must be tailored to public awareness and perceptions specific to each nation.
Awareness of fertility preservation options vital for cancer patients
A new study points to the need for increased awareness of fertility preservation options for young patients with cancer.

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