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‌Singapore Airlines bans lion bones in cargo
Singapore Airlines said Friday it has stopped accepting lion bones for cargo after the carrier was singled out in a report for transporting the animal parts from South Africa.
Zimbabwe bans gatherings amid cholera outbreak
Zimbabwe's police on Wednesday issued a ban on all public gatherings to control the spread of cholera, which has killed 21 people in the capital Harare.
South Korea bans coffee in schools
Students and teachers in South Korea will need to find new ways of staying alert through the long school day, after the government said on Friday it will ban coffee sales in schools.
Chinese analyst: US oil bans cannot weaken Iran
US pressure on other countries to leave the July 2015 nuclear deal and sever oil cooperation with Iran will not make Tehran languish, said a Chinese analyst in Beijing on Thursday.
South Korea bans English education for first and second graders
South Korea has banned English language classes for first- and second-grade students in elementary schools to "minimize negative effects of early English education practices". The ban, which came into effect on Thursday, is part of a policy that, the government says, is in line with a Constitutional Court ruling in 2016 that said teaching English may hinder the students' proficiency in Korean.
Iran: Unilateral bans negatively affect global economic cooperation
Iran’s UN envoy spoke against any imposition of unilateral economic sanctions against world nations, saying such “coercive” restrictive measures would leave a negative impact on developing countries and the entire global economic cooperation.
FIFA bans Saeid Ezatolahi for Iran's World Cup opener
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) banned Iran midfielder Saeid Ezatolahi from his team's first game at Russia’s 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Merkel concerned about US bans on Russia, too
German Chancellor Angela Merkel shares concerns with other European officials that the newly-proposed anti-Russia sanctions could harm the European economy, her spokesman says.
Pakistan bans Indian content on radio, television
Pakistan is set to enforce a complete ban on airing Indian content on radio and television as of Friday, amid rising tensions between the two neighboring countries over the disputed Kashmir region.
Paris bans cars along part of Seine River
Strollers and cyclists can breathe easy on the banks of the Seine after Paris approved a plan to ban cars on a long stretch of riverside road cutting across the city.
Zarif : New US bans have no intl. legal ground
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran will "proportionally" respond to new US sanctions on Tehran's missile program.
Iran bans imports of Saudi products
Iran announced on Thursday that it has imposed a total ban on imports on any product which is originated in Saudi Arabia until a further notice.
Iran gets first petchem export cash after 2011 bans
Iran said on Saturday that it has been able to receive payments for exports of its petrochemical products through an international bank in Spain. The country said this has now officially opened the channel for banking transactions over its export activities that had been blocked for five years as a result of sanctions.
India bans private cars in capital to tackle air pollution
India has adopted severe traffic restrictions for millions of residents in the capital, New Delhi, in an effort to tackle air pollution that has already passed the safe limits of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Indian court bans new diesel vehicles in capital
India’s Supreme Court has temporarily banned the registration of diesel cars with engines over 2,000 cc in New Delhi in an attempt to have the Indian capital’s notorious smog reduced.

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