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Scientists decode bees ‘waggle dancing’
We've long known honey bees shake their behinds to communicate the location of high-value flower patches to one another, a form of signaling that scientists refer to as "waggle dances."
Drowning bees can surf to safety on waves they create
If their honey-making and pollination prowess weren’t enough, there’s a new reason to appreciate honeybees: They’re world-class surfers.
UK gardeners urged to let lawns run wild, count flowers to help save bees
While many UK gardeners prize a well-maintained lawn, conservationists are urging people to leave their mowers in the shed and count wildflowers instead.
New ‘safe’ pesticides to replace banned chemicals hurt bees, scientists say
New pesticides regarded as ‘bee safe’ could actually be causing harm to these vital pollinators when combined with other chemicals being applied to crops, according to a new study.
Older bees influence younger bees to fan wings, cool hive
To keep bee hives cool, honey bees fan their wings to promote circulation. New research suggested the behavior is socially influenced.
Clever bees can identify different flowers by patterns of scent
New research led by scientists from the University of Bristol and Queen Mary University of London has revealed that bumblebees can tell flowers apart by patterns of scent.
Bees join exclusive crew of animals that get the concept of zero
A little brain can be surprisingly good at nothing. Honeybees are the first invertebrates to pass a test of recognizing where zero goes in numerical order, a new study found.
'My restless legs were like bees biting under my skin'
For years, Mary Rose struggled to get off to sleep or to stay asleep, because she felt like she was being attacked by insects.
Honey bees could help scientists create new antibiotic
A protein produced by honey bees could inspire the first new antibiotic in 30 years.
Birds and bees battle for nesting sites
Competition for nesting sites could explain why some birds and bumblebees are declining faster than others.
Dead bees tell  tale of different pesticides
As bee colonies continue to collapse worldwide, a team of European researchers has found that poisoned bees carry a lethal cocktail of dozens of different pesticides.
Bees, butterflies, other pollinators face extinction
Many species of wild bees, butterflies and other critters that pollinate plants are shrinking toward extinction, and the world needs to do something about it before our food supply suffers, a new United Nations scientific mega-report warns.
Thousands of bees crushed to death on honey splattered road
Thousands of bees attracted to a honey spill on a busy road ended up getting crushed by vehicles.

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