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Tenants in England not being protected from revenge evictions, study finds
Just one in 20 private tenants in England who complain to their council about poor living conditions gets protection from a revenge eviction by their landlord, according to figures released on Monday.
Hong Kong's elderly cardboard collectors being sent packing
Her fingers are bent from 20 years of collecting cardboard from Hong Kong's streets, but Au Fung-lan said she has no desire to give up the grueling work.
Being overweight tied to changes in young adults' heart structure, function
Even in early adulthood, being overweight is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart muscle damage that may set the stage for cardiovascular diseases later in life, a UK study suggests.
UK Children in care being 'pinged' around schools, homes
Thousands of ‘pinball kids’ in the UK are being shifted around the care system and between schools, putting them at risk of being excluded, groomed and recruited into gangs, the children’s commissioner for England has said.
Being overweight ramps up dementia risk
Middle-age spread ramps up the risk of dementia by as much as a third, experts said.
Being single or widowed raises dementia risk
Being single or widowed increases the risk of dementia, a study found.
Why being miserable is actually the secret to happiness
Happiness is overrated. Instead, try allowing yourself to be totally miserable. It might make you happier than you have ever been. Let us explain.
Being active may reduce risk of chronic low back pain
Regularly engaging in physical activity, from walking to intense exercise, may help to reduce the risk of chronic low back pain by as much as 16 percent, according to a new review of previous studies.
Being a parent makes you live longer
Having children can increase life expectancy, especially in very old age, a new study found.
Being fat-shamed has bad impact on health
Fats-shaming folks into getting rid of fat was established to have the reverse result, according to a new examine made at the University of Pennsylvania. The examine identified that unwanted fat-shaming can worsen people’s wellness and increase the pitfalls of obtaining a heart attack or acquiring diabetic issues.
Cells regrow after being chopped in half
New research reveals how cells repair themselves and maintain their shape in the wake of an injury, like being sliced in half.
Ways to avoid being hacked
Every month or so there is a new hack that affects millions of regular people.
Being poor can increase your chances of depression
Living in poverty can cause changes to people’s DNA that make them more likely to become depressed, anxious and possibly take drugs, according to a ground-breaking new study.
British mom flees to Turkey after being forced to marry ISIL suitor
A British mom who joined the ISIL terrorist group in Syria last year has fled to Turkey after being forced to marry a Takfiri terrorist, a report said.

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