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Tech firms struggle to police content while avoiding bias
Take the post down. Put it back up. Stop policing speech. Start silencing extremists.
Wimbledon reworks AI tech to reduce bias in game highlights
Efforts to make artificial intelligence fairer now extend to Wimbledon’s courts.
Cultivating conversations on unconscious bias
How do we, as a human community, see one another? Do we see each other as objects of compassion, as connected to us, or as separate, distinct, and different enough to pose a threat to our security? We may tell ourselves that we don’t see color or perceive racial differences. But, of course, we do. How does telling ourselves this obscure the truth and keep us from more fully developing equality, freedom, and our human potential?
Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women Inc.’s (AMZN.O) machine-learning specialists uncovered a big problem: Their new recruiting engine did not like women.
Venice Days director responds to gender bias claims
Cinema is not a matter of women's quotas and films are not chosen on the basis of the gender of the directors, said the Director of Venice Days Giorgio Gosetti.
Ferguson city manager resigns after federal report of racial bias
The city manager of Ferguson, Missouri has resigned after a government investigation found widespread racial discrimination in the police department and court system.
US Justice Department accuses Ferguson police of racial bias
The US Justice Department has accused the police department in Ferguson, Missouri, of racial bias long after a white cop walked free although he had shot dead an unarmed black teenager.
FBI chief admits police racially biased
The FBI director has admitted racial bias exists among US police officers, saying there is a “disconnect” between police and people of color.

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