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A ‘bonanza’ of new bird species was found on remote Indonesian islands
It’s a veritable bevy of birds: Ten songbirds hailing from a cluster of small Indonesian islands near Sulawesi have officially joined the scientific record.
Scientists edit chicken genes to make them resistant to bird flu
Scientists in Britain have used gene-editing techniques to stop bird flu spreading in chicken cells grown in a lab - a key step towards making genetically-altered chickens that could halt a human flu pandemic.
Bird tables and feeders in gardens could spread diseases
Britain’s obsession with feeding the birds could be driving disease within avian populations, a new study suggested.
Bird songs provide insight into how developing brain forms memories
Researchers at the University of Chicago have demonstrated, for the first time, that a key protein complex in the brain is linked to the ability of young animals to learn behavioral patterns from adults.
Birds' migration genes are conditioned by geography
The genetic make-up of a willow warbler determines where it will migrate when winter comes.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Flying car to go on sale
It may not be quite like the Jetsons, but for over a million dollars you too can soon fly around in a car.
Bird flu eliminated from eight provinces
Bird flu is under control across eight provinces, said the head of the Veterinary Organization of Iran.
Bird hits Fenerbahce's team plane on way to Manchester
Fenerbahce's team plane was forced to make an emergency landing after it was hit by a bird on its way to the UK for Thursday's Europa League game against Manchester United.
Bird nest riddle: Which shape came first?
To human thinking, songbird nests now seem to have evolved backwards: The most distant ancestor probably built complex, roofed structures. Simple open-top cup nests came later.
Climate predicts bird populations
Populations of the most common bird species in Europe and the US are being altered by climate change, according to an international study.
World's oldest wild bird becomes mom again
The world's oldest known wild bird just added a new chick to the family — her 40th one, experts say.
Indiana officials: No new bird flu infections reported
No additional turkey farms in a southern Indiana county have tested positive for bird flu since an outbreak at 10 farms, where nearly 250,000 turkeys will be killed as a result, authorities said Sunday.
MERS, Ebola, bird flu: Science's big missed opportunities
Anyone who goes down with flu in Europe this winter could be asked to enroll in a randomized clinical trial in which they will either be given a drug, which may or may not work, or standard advice to take bed rest and paracetamol.
The world’s strangest bird could be killed off by ivory trade
It might look like something out of a computer game, but this bird doesn’t have an infinite number of lives.
Bird birth control planed for Ohio courthouse
Love birds, beware: One Ohio county is planning to spike bird seed with birth control in hopes of keeping pigeons from despoiling the renovated exterior of its 19th Century courthouse.

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