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Birds' voiceboxes are odd ducks
Birds sing from the heart. While other four-limbed animals like mammals and reptiles make sounds with voiceboxes in their throats, birds' chirps originate in a unique vocal organ called the syrinx, located in their chests.
Turtles, whales and birds under threat across UK overseas territories
Whales migrating across the Atlantic Ocean, turtles in the Caribbean and unique cloud forests in St Helena are all under threat as EU conservation projects are set to grind to a halt after Brexit.
Migrating birds avoid tropical diseases
By migrating out of the tropics and back to Europe to mate and raise their young, many bird species avoid having to deploy a hefty immune system.
Birds get their internal compass from this newly ID’d eye protein
Birds can sense Earth’s magnetic field, and this uncanny ability may help them fly home from unfamiliar places or navigate migrations that span tens of thousands of kilometers.
Birds, mammals van survive climate change
Science fiction is filled with tales of super-sized, super-resilient reptiles. Just because they've survived on this planet for millions of years, though, doesn't mean they're going to outlast us all.
Blinded by the light: Birds lured into ecological traps by light pollution
Humans aren't the only animal drawn to the bright lights of the big city.
Even a tiny oil spill spells bad news for birds
Birds don’t need to be drenched in crude oil to be harmed by spills and leaks.
How do birds get their colors?
A new article in Physiological and Biochemical Zoology explores the role of melanins in creating complex plumage patterns in 9,000 species.
Big billed birds spend more time keeping warm
To shield themselves from the cold, many birds use a unique snuggling position called the 'backrest'. They cock their head back and to the side and tuck their beak under their wings.
Birds migrating earlier as temperatures rise
Migrating birds are arriving at their breeding grounds earlier as global temperatures rise, a study has found.
Bats beat birds at their own airborne game
When it comes to powered animal flight, bats have always seemed to come second to birds. But scientists who flew a plane to track the flight of Brazilian free-tailed bats have clocked these winged mammals flying at speeds rivaling those of the fastest birds.
Early birds could achieve liftoff
Flying dinosaurs took off from the ground — no leap from the trees required.
Birds dive into water at high speeds
Despite their slender necks and hollow bones, some birds dive into the water at speeds that would result in serious injury should a human try to replicate the feat.
Wind turbines a risk to birds
New research proves wind turbines aren't just a risk to local birds. Birds from as far as 100 miles away are getting caught in their blades.
How birds avoid crashing into each other in mid-air
Scientists may have discovered why birds never seem to crash into one another ― they appear to always veer to the right.

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