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Warming temperatures put women at risk of giving birth early
Women are at risk of giving birth early due to warmer temperatures brought on by the climate crisis, a new study found.
Pregnant inmate in US forced to give birth in jail, alone, lawyers say
Tammy Jackson was ushered into an empty jail cell in Florida, the US, by sheriffs.
Official data: China’s birth rate continued falling in 2018
New births in China fell to 15.23 million last year, the lowest since China relaxed its one-child policy in 2014.
Report: US birth rate too low to replace population
The US birth rate was down in nearly all 50 states in 2017 and below the level needed for the population to replace itself, according to a new government report.
'Birth control’ insecticide could stop mosquitoes being able to hatch
A form of ‘birth control’ for mosquitoes could be used to tackle populations of the creatures in areas where insect-borne diseases are rife.
Australian prisoner gave birth alone in 'degrading' cell incident
A woman in Australia was forced to give birth alone in a locked prison cell in a "degrading and high risk" incident, a report found.
Zika in Africa: Rare birth defect on the rise in Angola
Emiliano Cula starts to cry as his tiny fingers, curled into a tight fist, are stretched by a physical therapist to stimulate motor control.
Inflammation in womb may explain why some babies are more prone to sepsis after birth
Each year 15 million infants are born preterm and face high risks of short- and long-term complications, including sepsis, severe inflammation of the gut, and neurodevelopmental disorders.
Baby's immune system ramps up right after birth: Study
A baby's immune system kicks into high gear immediately after birth, a new study found.
Birth rate debate in China out of control
A proposal to establish a fund to reward families for having two children, created by Nanjing University Professor Liu Zhibiao and published by Xinhua Daily on August 14, was an absurd idea amid an ongoing national conversation about how China can halt declining birth rates.
Stopping type 1 diabetes from birth
Experts believe they may have found a way to prevent high risk babies from developing type 1 diabetes.
Blood test might predict preterm birth
Researchers have developed a blood test that can predict a pregnant woman's risk of preterm delivery with up to 80 percent accuracy.
Researchers find no link between birth control, depression
A new study should put women who use birth control at ease: hormonal contraception is not linked to depression.
Trump says giving birth to babies in ninth month is 'wrong'
US President Donald Trump has once again left his audience baffled by making another bizarre statement. He has criticized the laws which allow babies to be born in the ninth month of pregnancy, calling for them to be changed.
Moms who eat fry-ups could give birth to more intelligent babies
Eating the traditional English fry-up during pregnancy could help boost babies’ intelligence, according to new research.

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