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Ministry: Terror sponsors must stop blaming Iran for own-created problems
Iran dismissed as baseless and bogus allegations leveled against the Islamic Republic at a session of the IISS Manama Dialogue 2019 in Bahrain.
El Salvador takes blame for Rio Grande drowning
El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele said his country is to blame for the death of a father and daughter who drowned while trying to reach the US.
UK blames Russian military intel for cyber attacks
The United Kingdom is pointing the finger at the Russian military intelligence for a number of "reckless" cyber attacks in recent years.
Western media refuses to blame US for Yemen war: Analyst
The Western media refuses to blame the United States for the current crisis in Yemen, adding that this is why the reality on the ground has not been exposed, says an analyst.
Got skin cancer? Blame the FDA
Americans are getting skin cancer — and sometimes dying from it — at an alarming rate, while the US Food and Drug Administration irresponsibly refuses to approve state-of-the-art sunscreens that could do a much better job protecting us from the sun’s cancer-causing rays.
US wrong policies, interference to blame for terror spread: Iran
Iran has hit back at US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over his latest meddlesome comments about the Islamic Republic's role in the Middle East, saying Washington's "illegitimate interference and wrong policies" are the root cause of the expansion of terrorism and insecurity in the region.
Women are not to blame for the wage gap
Women should not be blamed for the gender wage gap in the US, according to psychologists at Rice University. To eliminate the gap, organizations must provide training, support and opportunities for growth, the researchers said.
One in three men with poor mental health blame work
One in three men say their jobs are causing them to have poor mental health, according to a survey.
May's policies to blame for London block fire: Corbyn
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that Prime Minister Theresa May and her government should be held into account for the tower block fire in London.
Humans to blame for 84 percent of wildfires, longer wildfire season
Wildfires are getting bigger, more frequent and occurring during a larger portion of the calendar year. And new research suggested humans are largely to blame.
Trump team to Clinton camp: Don't blame fake news for your loss
The transition team of US President-elect Donald Trump has turned down the claims of Democrats that Hillary Clinton lost the November 8 election due to the epidemic of fake news in the run-up to Election Day.
Can you blame headaches on thyroid?
People with migraines and other headache disorders have a greater risk of a thyroid disease known as hypothyroidism, a new study suggests.
Global warming to blame for hundreds of heatwave deaths
Hundreds of deaths in the searing European heatwave of 2003 can be attributed to manmade climate change, say scientists.
Study: Volcanoes aren't to blame for dinosaur die-off
New research discredits the theory that intense volcanic activity and a rapid rise in CO2 levels precipitated the demise of the dinosaurs.
GOP, Democrats share blame for Trump’s rise: Analyst
Donald Trump is as much a Republican Frankenstein as he is a Democratic one, says an American political commentator.

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