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Brain implant restores partial vision to blind people
Partial sight has been restored to six blind people via an implant that transmits video images directly to the brain.
'Takhti, the World Champion', screened for blind audiences, gets kudos at Fajr festival
'Takhti, the World Champion', directed by Bahram Tavakkoli, received special screenings for the visually impaired audiences on the third day of 37th Fajr Film Festival (FFF), said the head of Iran's Cinema Organization.
Bahraini political prisoner may go blind over denial of treatment: Report
Bahraini activists say an imprisoned political dissident is at serious risk of losing his eyesight due to abuse and denial of medical treatment as the ruling Al Khalifah regime.
Braille technology firm builds 'Kindle for the blind'
A British company plans to launch a braille e-reader for blind people this year that should greatly enhance their reading experience and spare them from lugging around hefty print volumes.
Lens replacement led to 'blind patches', says artist
An artist whose vision deteriorated after lens replacement surgery is one of dozens of people considering legal action against manufacturer, Oculentis.
Man uses super long CVS receipt to repair broken blind
An Ohio man replaced a broken blind with a long receipt from CVS (Consumer Value Stores) pharmacy and the Internet loves it.
Blind people 'cannot read' health advice
People with sight loss can suffer because they cannot read advice about health services, a charity has claimed.
Blind Japanese pianist plays by ear (Video)
A blind Japanese pianist has not allowed his disability to get the better of him.
Blind patients to be fitted with pioneering bionic eye
National Health Service (NHS) is to pay for 10 people to be implanted with a ‘bionic eye’, a pioneering technology that can restore some sight to those who have been blind for years.
3D printing process brings art to blind people
3D printing process for works of fine art was created by John Olson to make it palpable for blind people.
Blind echolocators use visual areas of the brain
Certain blind individuals have the ability to use echoes from tongue or finger clicks to recognize objects in the distance, and some use echolocation as a replacement for vision. Research done by Dr. Mel Goodale, from the University of Western Ontario, in Canada, and colleagues around the world, is showing that echolocation in blind individuals is a full form of sensory substitution, and that blind echolocation experts recruit regions of the brain normally associated with visual perception when making echo-based assessments of objects.
Echolocation, a sixth sense for blind people
Could echolocation - a skill commonly linked with bats - be used as a "sixth sense" for blind people? Researchers have found that blind people using echolocation are just as susceptible to visual illusions as sighted people.

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