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Best food item to add to your breakfast to lower blood sugar
Type 2 diabetes means a person’s pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Over time, unchecked blood sugar levels pose serious health risks, such as heart disease. Fortunately, certain dietary decisions can help to control blood sugar levels. Evidence singles out a particular fruit and its health benefits for type 2 diabetics.
Reduced carbohydrate intake improves type 2 diabetics' ability to regulate blood sugar
Patients with type 2 diabetes improve their ability to regulate blood sugar levels if they eat food with a reduced carbohydrate content and an increased share of protein and fat.
Best diet plan for high blood sugar
Diabetes type 2 risk could be lowered by making some diet or lifestyle changes.
The BEST 10p vegetable for lower blood sugar
Diabetes is a common condition that affects around 3.7 million people in the UK.
The drink you should have with your breakfast to prevent high blood sugar
Diabetes affects about 3.7 million people in the UK, and about 90 percent of all cases are caused by type 2 diabetes.
Getting 'hangry' part of natural response to low blood sugar
When you're hungry, everything's annoying and tempers can get short. Now, animal research might help explain why.
Artificial pancreas to undergo long-term clinical tests
Researchers will soon undertake one of the largest-ever long-term clinical trials of a system designed to help regulate blood sugar levels of individuals with type 1 diabetes mellitus. If the so-called artificial pancreas system performs in patients as hoped, it could lead to commercial trials and eventual regulatory approval in the United States and abroad.
Foods may affect each person's blood sugar differently
New research would seem to support what many have enviously suspected while watching a thin friend chow down, the same foods don't necessarily have the same effect from person-to-person.
Skipping breakfast provokes  blood sugar spikes in diabetics
A new study reveals the substantial impact of skipping breakfast on type-2 diabetics. 'Fasting' until noon triggers major blood sugar spikes (postprandial hyperglycemia) and impairs the insulin responses of type-2 diabetics throughout the rest of the day, researchers say.
Metformin, resveratrol target gut to lower blood sugar
Researchers at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute have discovered metformin (the most widely prescribed type 2 diabetic medication) and resveratrol, a compound found in grapes, peanuts and blueberries, trigger novel signaling pathways in the small intestine to lower blood sugar.

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