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Scientists develop blood test which can tell police if you're too tired to drive
A new blood test could soon help police identify drivers who are too tired to be on the road.
Scientists developing new blood test to screen for secondary heart attack
A blood test that quickly and easily detects whether a person is at risk of a secondary heart attack is being developed by scientists at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.
Blood test might predict preterm birth
Researchers have developed a blood test that can predict a pregnant woman's risk of preterm delivery with up to 80 percent accuracy.
New blood test ‘potentially holy grail of cancer research’
A new blood test which scientists say is able to detect certain types of cancer several years before a person falls ill has been hailed as a breakthrough.
Blood test for prostate cancer could eliminate the need for almost half of biopsies
A blood test for prostate cancer could eliminate the need for almost half of biopsies, scientists have claimed.
Major breakthrough towards universal cancer blood test
Scientists have made significant progress towards a universal blood test for cancer. This would radically change diagnosis, treatment and crucially survival rates for sufferers.
New blood test better identifies those with celiac disease: Researchers
An experimental blood test accurately identifies people who do, or don't have celiac disease, even if they are following gluten-free diets, researchers said.
Improving survival chances: This new blood test can diagnose two types of cancer
It can detect biochemical changes induced by non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a solid tumorous condition of the immune system, and subcutaneous melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.
Could a Blood Test Spot Autism in Childhood?
Researchers say an experimental blood test has shown promise as a novel way to diagnose autism in children.
Blood test could predict survival chances of  pancreatic cancer patients
A simple blood test could predict the survival chances of patients with pancreatic cancer and help doctors choose the best treatment.
New blood test could predict arthritis risk early
Scientists have found a marker that can indicate your likelihood of suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) even 16 years before the condition takes effect. A team from the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology at Oxford University found that a blood test that looks for antibodies that recognize the protein tenascin-C could reliably show those who will contract the condition.
Blood test can predict heart disease risks
A new blood test appears to help predict the risk for future heart disease among teens struggling with obesity.
Blood test may one day predict breast cancer relapse
An experimental blood test may one day detect the return of early stage breast cancer months before it is revealed by CT or MRI scans, researchers report.
New blood test improves melanoma monitoring
New study has found new markers for melanoma which may allow the disease to be accurately monitored via a routine blood test.
Blood test could reveal one's viral history
A single drop of blood may reveal a range of viruses a person has contracted recently, or possibly years ago, a new study suggested.

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