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Most Americans oppose Trump’s emergency over border wall money: Poll
The majority of Americans disapprove of US President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration to get funding for a border wall on the southern border, a poll shows.
Trump declares national emergency to build US-Mexico border wall
US President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to bypass congressional approval and secure funding for the construction of his controversial wall on the US-Mexico border.
Pakistan must beef up security along Iran border: IRGC
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has urged Pakistan to beef up security measures along its border with Iran following a deadly terrorist attack on a group of IRGC forces in southeastern Iran.
US congressional leaders nearing $2bn border wall deal: Report
Democratic and Republican leaders in US Congress are reportedly approaching a deal that would prevent another shutdown by giving President Donald Trump some of the money he has requested to build a wall on the border with Mexico.
Colony or not, we're British, say Gibraltarians. And keep the border open
With London fuming over whether Gibraltar should still be called a “colony”, residents of the British outpost on the southern tip of Spain said they were more worried about life after Brexit than about which word best explained their status.
Israel begins construction of new barrier along Gaza border
The Israeli ministry for military affairs says it has begun the construction of an upgraded barrier along the Gaza Strip amid mounting tensions near the fence separating the impoverished Palestinian enclave from the occupied territories.
Iran, Iraq to open new border crossing
Iran and Iraq will open a new border crossing to further ease goods transit, cargo transportation and bilateral trade between the two countries.
Iran unveils radar near Pakistan border
Iran unveiled a domestically-built radar in the city of Zahedan near the border with Pakistan.
Government shutdown becomes longest in US history
The partial government shutdown became the longest closure in US history when the clock ticked past midnight into early Saturday as President Donald Trump and nervous Republicans scrambled to find a way out of the mess.
Trump pleads on TV for wall money; Dems say he stokes ‘fear’
US President Donald Trump urged congressional Democrats to fund his long-promised border wall Tuesday night in a somber televised address that was heavy with dark immigration rhetoric but offered little in the way of concessions or new ideas to break the standoff that has left large swaths of the government shuttered for 18 days.
US Vice President Mike Pence says If there's no border wall deal, there's no shutdown deal
US Vice President Mike Pence has thrown his full support behind President Donald Trump's position on funding a wall on the US-Mexico border, warning congressional Democrats that "if there's no wall, there's no deal" to end the partial government shutdown.
US House Dems pass funding plan without wall
On their first day in the majority, US House Democrats passed a plan to reopen the government without funding President Donald Trump’s promised border wall.
US fires tear gas across Mexico border to stop migrants
US authorities fired tear gas into Mexico during the first hours of the New Year to repel about 150 migrants who tried to breach the border fence in Tijuana.
Trump refuses to budge over border wall demand that triggered govt. shutdown
US President Donald Trump’s administration and Democrats in Congress continued to attack each other on Sunday over the proposed US-Mexico border wall that triggered a partial government shutdown, now in its ninth day.
Congressman: Trump administration cause of pain, suffering at border
A Democratic representative, Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania, said in a tweet posted by his staff that Trump was "reaching new lows with these ridiculous tweets. His administration is the cause of pain and suffering that is taking place at the border. Nothing that he says will alter this truth."

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