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Trump to make $2 billion spending request for border wall: Officials
US President Donald Trump will request $2 billion in new funding for border wall construction in his 2021 budget, substantially less than he sought last year, according to senior administration officials.
US judge blocks Trump bid to use military budget on border wall
A US federal judge has issued an order that blocks President Donald Trump’s attempt to spend $3.6 billion of Pentagon budget to build a wall on the US-Mexico border.
US judge orders Trump to stop building border wall
A US federal judge has ruled that the administration of President Donald Trump must temporarily halt the use of some funds from the Defense Department for a wall on the US-Mexico border.
Trump signs first veto to secure funding for border wall
Donald Trump signed the first veto of his presidency Friday, overriding congressional opposition to secure emergency funds to build more walls on the US-Mexico border.
Sixteen US states sue Trump over border wall emergency
Sixteen US states sued President Donald Trump’s administration on Monday over his decision to declare a national emergency to fund a wall on the southern border with Mexico, saying the move violated the Constitution.
Trump’s border wall ’emergency’ faces tough legal hurdles
President Donald Trump’s declaration of an emergency Friday to build a border wall immediately drew legal challenges that could easily escalate into a landmark test of the balance of power between the White House and Congress.
Trump threatens to declare national emergency over border wall fight
US President Donald Trump again threatened to declare a national emergency along the border with Mexico as he sought funding for a wall he says will keep out dangerous immigrants – his latest jab in a fight with Democrats in Congress that has now shut down parts of the government for a record-tying 21 days.
Trump warns could force long shutdown over border wall
A defiant President Donald Trump said he was prepared to keep the US government shut down for as long as it takes – months or even years – to force Congress to provide billions of dollars for a border wall with Mexico.
Trump says military to build border wall if Democrats refuse
President Donald Trump sought Tuesday to pressure Democratic congressional leaders into supporting his demand for billions of dollars to build his promised wall along the US-Mexico border, threatening to have the military build it “if Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country.”
Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall
US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would be willing to shut down the US government if Congress does not provide enough funding for border security, reversing a stance he took a day earlier.
Zionist regime resumes building border wall with Lebanon
The Zionist regime of Israel has resumed constructing a concrete border wall with Lebanon.
As budget deadline looms, Trump pushes border wall funding
With a budget deadline looming, President Donald Trump plans a whirlwind of activities seeking to highlight accomplishments while putting fresh pressure on congressional Democrats to pay for a wall on the US-Mexico border, even if that pressure risks a possible government shutdown.
Democrats warn of government shutdown over Trump’s border wall
Democratic senators in Congress have warned Republicans they will block any attempts to include President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall and other far-right agenda items in the new spending bill, raising the risks of a new government shutdown early in the new administration.

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