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Teenager with brain tumor to undergo proton beam therapy
A 15-year-old with a rare brain tumor is to undergo pioneering proton beam therapy at the UK’s first dedicated treatment center.
Modified polio vaccine helps fight deadly brain tumors
A modified version of the polio vaccine, infused straight into aggressive brain tumors, helped some patients live for years longer than they normally would have, doctors reported.
New way to disrupt brain tumor stem cells
Some brain tumors are notoriously difficult to treat. Whether surgically removed, zapped by radiation or infiltrated by chemotherapy drugs, they find a way to return.
Targeted therapies developed for childhood brain tumor
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists have gained ground toward developing more targeted therapies for the most common childhood brain tumor.
Headache, most common symptom of brain tumor
Headache could be the only symptom of brain tumor in many cases, said researchers, suggesting that CT scans and other neuro-imaging tests for people with headache could prove to be helpful tools in spotting the deadly disease.

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