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WhatsApp to refer security breach to US authorities
Facebook's WhatsApp said on Tuesday a security breach on its messaging app had signs of coming from a private company working on surveillance and it had referred the incident to the US Department of Justice.
Spending cuts breach UK's human rights obligations, says report
Cuts to public services and benefits in the UK that disproportionately affect the least well-off, single parents and disabled people put the government in breach of its human rights obligations, a study for the UK equalities watchdog found.
Scientists record breach in magnetic field
Scientists have recorded the events that unfolded after the Earth's magnetic shield was breached.
Ban on harmful microbeads could be in breach of EU law
A UK ban on toxic plastic microbeads in cosmetic products could be unenforceable — as it breaches EU law— a new report has warned.
Sanctions renewal by US breach of commitments: Leader
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the renewal of sanctions against the Islamic Republic by the US is tantamount to the violation of commitments under the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and the group of six countries known as the P5+1.
Kurdish forces breach truce with government in Syria’s Hasakah
Kurdish forces in the Syrian city of Hasakah have violated a ceasefire agreement they had struck with Syrian army forces hours earlier.
Sanders at Dem debate apologizes to Clinton for DNC data breach
US presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has apologized to Hillary Clinton and his supporters for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) data breach, but censured the DNC for banning his campaign from the Democratic Party's voter file.
HIV clinic fined £250 for data breach
A health clinic that mistakenly revealed the identity of HIV-positive patients in a group email has been fined £250 by the UK's data watchdog.
Over 21m affected by US data breach
Hackers stole Social Security numbers, health histories and other highly sensitive data from more than 21 million people, the US administration said, acknowledging that the breach of US government computer systems was far more severe than previously disclosed.
Federal employee union sues US government over data breach
The largest US federal employee union has lodged a lawsuit against the federal personnel office for failing to protect personal files from the most damaging cyberthefts in the country’s history.
US Homeland Security chairman: China responsible for data breach
The chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security has accused China of engaging in a data breach that targeted four million US federal employees.
White house faced serious security breach: Reports
A US Army veteran, who broke into the White House in Washington two weeks ago, made it further into the president’s home than previously claimed by the US Secret Service.

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