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Sudan police break up anti-govt. protesters, Bashir backers plan to rally
With supporters of President Omar al-Bashir planning a counter-rally next week, police in Sudan have once again fired tear gas canisters at protesters to break up their crowds, more than two weeks after anti-government protests began in the African country.
Trump wants to break up European Union: Journalist
US President Donald Trump is trying to divide the European Union in order to weaken the powerful economic bloc, says a journalist.
Trump may ‘break up’ unruly federal court
US President Donald Trump has floated the possibility of breaking up the 9th Circuit Court, after a district court in its jurisdiction blocked another anti-immigration step taken by his administration.
NATO seeks to break up Russia into small client states
Scores of people have staged a protest in a northern German port city against the deployment and transport of NATO troops and weapons through the city. The protesters marched through the city of Bremerhaven, holding signs and banners that read, “No NATO deployment! End the militaristic march against Russia!” and “Out of NATO.”
Study: Blood cells can be 'weaponized'  to break up tumors
Scientists have devised a potential new method for restricting tumor growth, using immune system cells known as macrophages.

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