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DNA breakthrough helps identify more 9/11 victims
Seventeen years after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City, advancement in DNA testing techniques has led to the identification of more victims of the atrocity.
Self-healing material breakthrough for bio-inspired robotics
Many natural organisms have the ability to repair themselves. Now, manufactured machines will be able to mimic this property.
Breakthrough study shows how plants sense the world
Plants lack eyes and ears, but they can still see, hear, smell and respond to environmental cues and dangers — especially to virulent pathogens.
Major breakthrough towards universal cancer blood test
Scientists have made significant progress towards a universal blood test for cancer. This would radically change diagnosis, treatment and crucially survival rates for sufferers.
Biggest dementia breakthrough in 50 years
A cure for dementia was believed to be a step closer yesterday after a new drug was found to tackle toxins that cause Huntington’s disease.
Stomach cancer breakthrough on horizon:  Cell investigation could lead to new treatment
Stomach cancer and gastrointestinal cancer cures could be on the horizon after a scientist pledged to investigate how the disease disrupts the growth of healthy cells.
Breakthrough made in ultra-high strength steel
A team of mechanical engineers developed a super steel called D & P Steel to improve the strength-ductility trade-off.
Scientists make breakthrough in magnesium batteries
A new study by the University of Houston offers promise for the use of magnesium batteries as a safer alternative to problem-plagued lithium ion batteries.
Lizard venom could yield blood clot treatment breakthrough
Scientists have created a variety of medicines using compounds discovered in the venoms of snakes, frogs, snails, jellyfish and other animals.
New breakthrough could help patients with impaired hand dexterity
US researchers have successfully genetically altered mice with enhanced manual dexterity that grab and eat food much faster than wild ones in a breakthrough they hope could someday help treat patients with motor disabilities.
Fundamental breakthrough in future of designing materials
A team of researchers from AMBER, the Science Foundation Ireland funded materials science center based in Trinity College Dublin, have made a breakthrough in the area of material design — one that challenges the commonly held view on how the fundamental building blocks of matter come together to form materials.
Breakthrough Starshot successfully launch world's smallest spacecraft
The smallest spacecraft ever launched are successfully traveling in low Earth orbit and communicating with systems on Earth, scientists announced.
Breakthrough cancer cure on horizon
Cancer treatment for is set to be revolutionized in the UK next year — with the first patients expected to have treatment in early 2018. This means prostate cancer patients, patients with brain tumors and breast cancer could have a greater chance of survival.
DNA breakthrough on sunflowers could help beat climate change
The complete DNA of the humble sunflower has been mapped for the first time — and it’s more complicated than a human's.
Iran sees breakthrough in oil deals following Rouhani reelection
Iran hopes to sign groundbreaking deals with oil majors such as Total and Lukoil this year as the reelection this month of reformist Hassan Rouhani to the presidency should boost investments.

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