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Britons march against police brutality
The annual United Friends and Family Campaign march in London aims to highlight the hundreds of deaths in police custody which have occurred over many decades.
ECU band members kneel during national anthem to protest police brutality
Several members of a college marching band in the US state of North Carolina have taken a knee during the playing of the national anthem before a football match to protest persisting police brutality against African Americans.
Five US officers killed in anti-police brutality demos
Snipers shot dead five police officers and wounded seven others in Dallas during a protest against police brutality in the wake of two fatal shootings of black men in other US cities, the city's mayor said Friday.
French torch police car in protest against police brutality
French demonstrators have set ablaze a police car in the capital, Paris, in a move to vent their outrage at police violence exercised against opponents of the contentious government-proposed labor reforms.
33 arrested in San Francisco for protesting police brutality
At least 33 protesters have been arrested for calling on the mayor of San Francisco, California to fire the police chief amid growing anger over last year’s killing of an unarmed black man.
Egyptian doctors protest alleged police brutality
Thousands of Egyptian doctors demonstrated in Cairo in a rare protest at what rights groups call police impunity after two doctors were alleged to have been assaulted in a hospital in the city last month.
US police brutality is not about black people or homicide, says analyst
Police brutality in the United States is not necessarily about “homicide” committed by American cops or even “racial disparity” but has deeper roots in the country, says a political activist based in Virginia.
Tehran hosts black activists in confab over US police brutality
Tehran is hosting several African American activists in the third edition of the New Horizon conference, which deals this year with police brutality against African Americans and other people of color in the United States.
New Yorkers protest police brutality on July 4th
New York Prospect Park has been the scene of a protest where a large group of people demanded justice for police brutality victims in the United States.
UN to examine US police brutality, human rights records
The UN Human Rights Council will turn the spotlight on the US human rights records amid a series of unrest in the country over the deaths of several African Americans.
Thousands of Macedonians protest alleged police brutality
Thousands of Macedonian people have taken to the streets to stage nationwide protests against alleged police brutality during the country’s post-election celebrations in 2011.
Ethiopians to protest Israel racism, police brutality
Ethiopians in Israel are set to hold a protest march in Tel Aviv to voice their anger at the regime’s racism and police brutality.
Activists in Los Angeles protest US police brutality
Activists from across the US state of California gathered in the city of Los Angeles to protest police brutality amid ongoing anger over police violence and racial profiling in the country.
More protests held in US to honor Martin Luther King, condemn police brutality
Mass rallies were held across the United States on Monday during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday to honor the civil rights icon and protest against the mistreatment of minorities by police.
Americans protest against police brutality
Hundreds of American protesters took to the streets in New York City on Monday in the aftermath of police shooting deaths of unarmed black people.

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