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How to build resilient cities without wrecking the environment
“What happens if the water temperature rises by a few degrees?” is the 2018 International Year of the Reef leading question.
Dyson to build his new electric car in Singapore
Dyson Ltd, the UK-based company best known for its vacuum cleaners, has chosen to build its new electric car in Singapore.
Tokyo to build eco-friendly 'solar roads' ahead of 2020 Olympics
The Tokyo metropolitan government plans to introduce ‘solar roads’ that collect energy from the Sun via solar panels installed beneath the surface of the roads.
Physicists build 2D platinum magnet
Scientists have induced magnetism in 2D platinum using a paramagnetic ionic liquid.
Austria ready to build solar power plant in central Iran
An Austrian company expressed readiness to invest in building a solar power plant with capacities of 10 megawatts and 30 megawatts in central Iran worth €40 million.
Build-up of heat in cities depends on design of streets, buildings
Every city's heat island effect is different. According to new research out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), how a city heats up depends on the layout and design of its streets and buildings.
World's first 'molecular robot' can build molecules
Scientists have constructed a robot capable of building molecules — the world's first ‘molecular robot’.
Researchers build first functional vascularized lung scaffold (Video)
Researchers at Columbia University have become the first to successfully bioengineer a functional vascularized lung scaffold to treat disease.
The Philippines wants to 'build, build, build' (video)
Benjamin Diokno, the Philippines' secretary of budget and management, weighs in on the country's infrastructure investment and current account deficit.
Ants build sinking Eiffel Towers
If you want to see the Eiffel Tower, you don't have to go to Paris. Just look down at your feet — but watch your step.
South Korea to build Mini-LNG plants in Iran
Iran says it is working on a plan to develop sophisticated small-sized gas liquefaction units – named Mini-LNG plants – with South Korea to answer energy needs in remote areas of the Islamic Republic.
Researchers build largest circuits in living eukaryotic cells
A team of University of Washington (UW) synthetic biology researchers have demonstrated a new method for digital information processing in living cells, analogous to the logic gates used in electric circuits.
Scientists build world's fastest camera
Scientists in Sweden have built the world's fastest camera, capable of snapping five trillion images per second — that's an image every 0.2 trillionths of a second.
Norway to build world's first ship tunnel at sea
Norway on Wednesday unveiled plans to build the world’s first sea tunnel to pass through a mountain, avoiding dangerous waters that intimidated even the Vikings.
Dubai to build new district with $20bn
The UAE’s fastest-growing and most popular emirate Dubai has announced an ambitious plan to build a new district with an estimated investment of $20 billion.

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