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One dead, buildings damaged as quakes strike Puerto Rico
A powerful earthquake followed by strong aftershocks struck Puerto Rico early on Tuesday (January 7), killing at least one person, knocking out power, and causing significant damage, authorities and media reported.
Elevation in buildings can affect the decisions we make
People rely on financial managers, doctors and lawyers to be as objective as possible when making decisions about investments, health and legal issues, but findings from a new study suggest that an unexpected factor could be influencing these choices.
Build-up of heat in cities depends on design of streets, buildings
Every city's heat island effect is different. According to new research out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), how a city heats up depends on the layout and design of its streets and buildings.
Digs uncover buildings in Cyprus’ ancient village
Recent archeological digs have uncovered more than 20 round buildings in what is believed to be Cyprus’ earliest known village, dating as far back as the 9th century BCE, the east Mediterranean island’s Department of Antiquities said.
Two buildings in collapse in Turkey major city
Two buildings, including a five-story one, have collapsed in a street in central Istanbul and Turkish emergency workers are investigating whether anyone was inside.
Thirteen dead after powerful Taiwan quake fells buildings
Relatives of missing residents from a 16-storey apartment complex felled by a powerful earthquake in Taiwan that killed 13 people were praying for miracles Saturday as rescuers scoured the rubble for survivors.
Los Angeles orders quake retrofit for many older buildings
Thousands of older wood and concrete apartment buildings vulnerable to collapse in a major earthquake would get costly upgrades under sweeping retrofitting rules passed Friday by the Los Angeles City Council.
Earthquakes don’t kill, buildings do
Seventy-year-old Chiute Tamang was working in his field when the earth shook Nepal on April 25. He grabbed a tree. His wife and daughter were inside the house at the time, but managed to run out. In the blink of an eye, the building turned into a heap of stones. They were the lucky ones.

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