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Three of Europe's biggest economies are probably in recession — ECB is out of bullets
Europe could be about to hit a crisis, as three of its largest economies are tanking at the same time.
American woman brings pistol, bullets onto Delta Air Lines flight to Japan
An American woman who was found to be in possession of a pistol and bullets on a flight from Atlanta to Narita airport near Tokyo last week was denied entry to Japan, airport sources said on Friday.
Israeli bullets take two more Palestinian lives in Gaza
Israeli forces have opened fire on Palestinians taking part in a protest in the area between the occupied territories and the besieged Gaza Strip, leaving two people killed.
Las Vegas shooting: Man charged with selling bullets to killer
A man suspected of selling armor-piercing bullets to the Las Vegas gunman who killed 58 people at a music festival has been charged with conspiracy to manufacture and sell the ammunition without a license.
US cops dismissed over killing 2 African Americans with 137 bullets
US officials have fired six police officers who were involved in a 137-shot barrage that killed two unarmed African Americans in 2012.
Police officers kill African American man with loads of bullets: Video
Two police officers in Lynwood, California repeatedly shot and killed an African American man even after he was wounded and on the ground, an incident caught on a dramatic video that has sparked protests in the neighborhood.

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