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Can a hungry Mali turn rice technology into 'white gold'?
When rice farmers started producing yields nine times larger than normal in the Malian desert near the famed town of Timbuktu a decade ago, a passerby could have mistaken the crop for another desert mirage.
Panorama: Can violent men ever change?
Every year more than a million people are victims of domestic abuse in the UK. Often the focus is on helping the victim find safety — but what of the abusers? Should they be given help? And can they change?
For India's poorest, ID card can be difference between life and death
Prem Malhar said his 50-year-old father died of hunger a few months ago because he did not have the Indian government’s Aadhaar identity card that would have given him access to subsidized food.
Playing football can help boost heart and bone health
Playing football can boost heart and bone health in untrained middle-aged and elderly people with prediabetes, a study found.
Can where you live affect your health?
Is it possible that a ZIP code may be as important as genetics in determining someone’s health?
The drawbridge you can cross in two seconds
It takes an average of two seconds to cross Bermuda’s Somerset Bridge by car — sneeze and you might miss it.
Nine worst things you can do to your teeth
It’s that scary time of year — sugar season. You might know it as Halloween, when Americans are predicted to buy $2.7 billion worth of candy, according to the National Retail Federation.
How can belly fat increase cancer risk?
It's been well established that obesity is a contributor to cancer risk, but how it actually causes cancer is still a question that hasn't been fully explained.
Official: Oman can become Iran's gateway for exports to Africa
Oman could serve as an important bridge between Iran and Africa and a gateway for the Islamic Republic to export to markets in the Continent, a trade official in Alborz Province announced on Saturday.
Can a parasitic fly inspire a new generation of hearing aids?
Ormia ochracea, a small, yellow, nocturnal fly native to Mexico and the Southern US has the most powerful directional hearing in the animal kingdom.
Potassium to diet can improve high blood pressure
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is ranked by the World Health Organization as the leading global risk factor for disease. But the condition can be cured naturally.
Meet the frog that can sit on a thumbnail
Four new frogs so tiny that they can sit on a thumbnail have been discovered in the forests of India.
How toxins in air can raise Alzheimer’s risk
Toxic air pollution may be increasing the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, according to a ground-breaking study.
Can you spot signs of the emergency brain attack?
A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off — which can affect or damage brain cells.
Klopp: Sturridge can recapture best form
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said "everything will be fine" with Daniel Sturridge if he can remain fit and has backed the England international to recapture his best form.

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