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For India's poorest, ID card can be difference between life and death
Prem Malhar said his 50-year-old father died of hunger a few months ago because he did not have the Indian government’s Aadhaar identity card that would have given him access to subsidized food.
Qeshm Geopark seeks UNESCO green card
Qeshm Geopark will be registered on the list of UNESCO's Global Geopark Network once it obtains a green card from UN cultural body, said Hamidreza Mohsenpour, the geopark’s director.
International confabs, a trump card
Those familiar with the ABC of diplomacy and foreign policy tactics are well aware that conferences and meetings held across the world are considered favorable opportunities for a country to discuss issues of mutual interest with others nations and make its stances on global and regional matters known while safeguarding its national interests.

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