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Heart disease carries huge cost for some families
Having a chronic heart condition is stressful enough, but new research suggests the cost of caring for the condition is also a huge financial burden for poorer families in the US.
Daesh carries out chemical attack in northern Syria
The Daesh Takfiri terrorists have carried out a chemical attack on residential areas in northern Syria.
Vortex laser carries computer data in cyclone-like motion
As the rise car ownership and automobile use in the 1950 and 60 necessitated bigger, better roads, increasing broadband use demands more efficient telecommunications technology.
Reports:  Israel carries out strike to destroy drone crashed in Lebanon
Reports says the Israeli military has carried out a strike to destroy the wreckage of a drone that had earlier crashed in a remote area of Lebanon’ western Bekaa region, in another violation of Lebanese sovereignty.
Military: Egypt carries out airstrikes on ISIL in Libya
Cairo says it has carried out airstrikes against ISIL militant positions in Libya following the release of a video purportedly showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian men.

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